Feed thy Neighbor – The Blessings of Home Cooking for the Elderly

I feel blessed to have the lovely friend who just sent me this email:

Dear Kelly,

I thought you’d like to know how your lunch boxes are making a very real difference to some of the people in our community…

Last year I made a resolution to reach out to my neighbors and bless them, somehow. I began by bundling my children up in winter jackets and heading out for a visit. As we were about to leave, we heard the ambulance drive past and it stopped at our neighbor’s house. We were too late for a visit. The wife had died a few minutes earlier.

The funeral passed and I got to thinking… Her husband was still alive. He was an old-time rancher, now suffering the effects of old age. For sixty years his wife had always cooked homemade food for him, but now he was living alone with home-care attendants. The home care attendants were friendly and kind, but it still occurred to me that perhaps our rancher-friend would appreciate some good old fashioned home cooking.

I cook for my family anyway. Cooking a little more doesn’t take any extra time on my part so on nights when we were having something particularly delicious I began putting some aside to deliver to our neighbor. The EasyLunchboxes were the perfect container for this! The compartments are deep enough that I could really pack a lot of food into them, the lids are easy enough for arthritic hands to open and the whole system makes the meals easily transportable.

All year long we took meals to our friend in your EasyLunchbox System. I realized that there are a lot of foods I cook that someone living alone isn’t likely to make just for themselves. Casseroles, lasagna, fancy salads… Sometimes we’d make homemade soup, pack it in a mason jar and then put the jar in your cooler standing on its side to keep it warm. But the food didn’t have to be extravagant. He enjoyed just about anything we brought over. Last summer I discovered that watermelon is one of his favorites. A man living alone isn’t likely to buy an entire watermelon for himself, but I buy them for our family and it wasn’t hard for me to slice some watermelon up and take it over to him. As we would leave, he would shake my hand and tell me, “I sure do appreciate’ch-ya!”

If, every time I wanted to share food with a neighbor I had to dig up paper plates and disposable containers, I don’t think I would have been as likely to take so much food over to our friend’s house. But your lunch boxes made bringing him meals so easy. He was blessed by it, and I was blessed by seeing how much he enjoyed the food we brought.

A few days ago, I found out that our dear rancher friend has passed away. I am already missing our visits! When his wife died, I was full of regret that we hadn’t visited more often. Now, I have no regrets, just sweet memories of a dear friend. I thank you for creating a lunchbox system that makes it so simple and almost effortless to bless others from my kitchen!


Alina Joy

P.S. Yes, we have found other elderly neighbors who appreciate home cooking and they have already started to see EasyLunchboxes on their doorsteps …

Alina Joy and FamilyAlina Joy Dubois is wife and mother to a vegan, gluten free family. The family moved out into the country and her husband recently quit a career in software to open the “Good Old Days Farm” in Blue Ridge, Texas. They grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, raise honeybees and make handcrafted soap. To follow the goings-on of the farm, please visit the Good Old Days Farm.