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School Lunches done right

When I saw an order come in for 30 of my lunch container sets, I had to find out who was buying all these at once. And why. I got a hold of the purchaser to tell her that she certainly qualified for a wholesale account with me, and here’s the reply I got:

Thank you Kelly. I didn’t realize that you did wholesale accounts. I really appreciate the discount. What a great product you’ve created!!

My husband and I own a small farm-to-table restaurant in Muskegon, MI. We recently started a farm-to-school lunch program with a local school district. Our local news was filming this week and I plugged your product – so happy to have found exactly what we were looking for and for the right price!

We are feeding 40-60 kids each day (ages 4-6) and your lunchboxes are perfect! Besides being kid-friendly (easy to open and close), eco-friendly, they are also pocket friendly. They stack nicely in our refrigerators and are able to hold the perfect portion sizes! They’re just right!! We love what you’ve done!! Keep up the good work!


Jamie Paquin

chef/owner of Mia & Grace, (and happy mother!)

Wow. Super proud my lunch containers are a part of this!  [button_round color=”blue” url=””] Click HERE for the news story [/button_round]

You’ll want to read the news story and watch the VIDEO all about what Jamie and her husband Jeremy are serving to the kids at Pennsylvania Elementary in Michigan’s Reeths-Puffer School District. What a wonderful program!

If you’re interested in bringing better food into your school, HERE’S another company doing a great job of it too. Healthy, organic, tasty, and waste-free lunches delivered to children at  schools and daycare centers in the greater Seattle area.

Yep, there are certainly a variety of ways to make sure our kids are eating well while they’re at school. Let’s hope more schools will begin supporting these kinds of programs. How is the food at your child’s school?