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Hurry! Offer expires Monday, 8/29 at midnight, CDT

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Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter DietYou may have heard me mention my friend Lorie Marrero, who is a home organizing expert. She is the creator of The Clutter Diet®, an innovative online member community that helps you “get your house in shape.”

Her program has helped thousands of members in eighteen countries around the world, making organizing expertise affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Many people follow services like Groupon, and Lorie and I thought it would be better to eliminate the middleman and do our own private, outstanding coupon deal just for friends of EasyLunchboxes – just in time for Back-to-School transitions! 

When you use the coupon code lunch2011, you will receive 25% off an Annual Membership to The Clutter Diet®

This discount is not available to the general public, and is the lowest possible price!

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What’s special and unique about Lorie’s service is that you get unlimited personal access, 7 days a week, to Lorie’s team of Certified Professional Organizers® (you can even upload photos of your trouble spots to get consultations on them!). It’s the perfect middle ground between doing it all by yourself and spending thousands of dollars to hire an organizer in person.

Annual memberships are usually $143.40, but with my coupon code, your price is 25% off, just $107, good for ONE WEEK ONLY until midnight CDT, 8/29/11.

Join Risk Free

The best part of all — If you’re concerned whether this program is right for you, no worries, because your first two weeks are FREE!  You can sign up for the Annual membership with this coupon code and your card will not be charged until 2 weeks later, and you can cancel at any time. I feel great about recommending Lorie and her team, because there is no risk involved.

For comparison:
Month-to-month Clutter Diet membership: $17.95/month ($215.40/yr)
Normal price for annual membership: $11.95/month ($143.40/yr prepaid)
Usual price PER HOUR with a professional organizer in person: $75.00+ per HOUR
YOUR PRICE: $8.92/month ($107/yr prepaid)

Get organized with these member resources:

  • unlimited access, 7 days a week, to their team of Certified Professional Organizers® for personal consulting in the member area, including photo consultations,
  • easy multimedia tutorials,
  • searchable reference articles,
  • your own customized reminder system,
  • and exclusive weekly project plans…

…all for about the price of a box of trash bags or a package of coffee.

Lock in this very special discount price

Click Here, choose “ANNUAL” option, and enter the coupon code lunch2011 to get started with your two week trial

After 8/29/11, annual memberships will cost $143.40.

clutter_diet_quick_startYour free trial includes Lorie’s 7-Day Quickstart program, a week of focused guidance to help you choose a project, plan it out, and get it DONE! Then you get an additional 7 days of full access and support for free before your special discount price is applied.

 Members recently have said:

“I love Clutter Diet, it has given me back my home.” -Juleen Busike

“This service is the best money I ever spent.”  -Leslie Horn 

“Being a part of the Clutter Diet program has helped me more than anything else I have tried in the past. Thank you!!” – Laura S.

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Don’t forget to choose ANNUAL and use the coupon code lunch2011

Special thanks to Lorie for this exclusive offer, just for my fans! 



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