Even more lunch box ideas for work


The surprising amount of traffic created from my last post, Adult bento lunch box ideas for work, for a man, or your big kids, is a terrific indication that a lot of you are packing lunches for people over 4 feet tall 😉

So last night, thanks to our new Google+ community for lunch-packers, I was delighted to come across Elizabeth Meador of Operation: Lunch Box.

She describes herself:

“I’m a girl on a budget and a girl on a diet. Also, I do not have time for garnishes or cute knife tricks. These lunches need to be healthyish, affordable, and easy. Leftovers welcome.”

Now who can’t relate to that? I mean, not everyone living in your home has a kid-size appetite….

So here are a couple of delicious and doable lunches from Elizabeth’s in-progress, year-long chronicle of lunches packed for work:

Healthy Chicken Gyro

healthy chicken gyro recipe

 Potato and Green Bean Salad

potato and green bean salad

Classic Lasagna 

classic lasagna lunch box meal

Be sure to visit Operation: Lunch Box for many more wonderful lunchbox ideas for work. And while you’re there, leave a comment for Elizabeth. I know she’d love to hear from you.