Eco-Friendly Fundraising Promotes Waste-Free Lunches

Does your school or community group need to raise some cash? Consider the EasyLunchboxes Fundraising Program!

Why stick with fundraisers based on junk food, overpriced wrapping paper, or unnecessary gift items? The EasyLunchbox System promotes waste-free lunches and healthy eating. When used in place of pre-packaged foods, disposable baggies and paper products, EasyLunchbox containers and cooler bags are a boon to budget minded lunch eaters!

Fall Fundraising is coming into full swing and I’d love you to introduce your school community to our greener fundraising options. I know how many times my girls would bring home their school fundraising packets and I’d be annoyed by the fact that I simply didn’t want the (mostly overpriced) stuff being offered. If I didn’t want it, how could I be expected to sell it, or encourage my children to sell it?  Often, I’d simply end up writing a donation check to the school [sigh].  Perhaps many of you feel the same way?

Amy Quinn loves EasyLunchboxes so much she signed up her school’s E-Wise team to raise funds with us. She’s promoting it on Facebook, her blog and of course, at their upcoming Back To School Night.

Facebook School Fundraiser postings

Amy wrote to me:

“I believe it’s a fabulous way to get our children eating healthier and help the planet all at once. I can’t imagine other organizations not taking advantage of this, it seems like a no-brainer to me! I’ve had tons of moms tell me they will be or have ordered lunchboxes… I can’t wait to see all of them in the lunchroom at school this year!”

Earn up to 50% profit for your group!

Our Fundraising program is super easy. Choose one of our two fundraising options and your group can earn 20 -50% profit, depending on the option you choose! All the info is on our sign up page, and it’s easy to get started today.

Fundraising is not Just for Schools.

The Chisum Family is raising funds with EasyLunchboxes to fight colorectal cancer in honor of Les Chisum, their  father, brother, uncle, son, husband, and friend, who was diagnosed in 2008. Despite medical predictions to the contrary, he is going strong. They will be walking in his honor at the Dallas Undy 5000 in October. We are so proud to be helping this family reach their goals!

Do Something Different

Next time your group suggests the tired ‘ol fundraising ideas, tell them about EasyLunchboxes. With our eco-friendly products and oh-so-easy fundraising program, you can help spread the word about waste-free lunches and support the green economy, all while raising money for schools or causes that are meaningful to you.