EasyLunchboxes go A Cappella With UNSTRUMENTAL

Singing and lunch boxes come together for “Let’s Do Lunch!”

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I’m thrilled to feature Calabasas High School‘s award-winning a cappella group UNSTRUMENTAL in my latest video, singing our original theme song “Let’s Do Lunch!”

The tune was originally written by my brother, Lucas Richman, for our “Let’s Do Lunch!” webisodes, which you can watch HERE and HERE.

UNSTRUMENTAL’s rendition of the song was arranged, recorded, and engineered by Christopher Given Harrison.

Christopher Given Harrison

I have to admit, I have a little “in” with this amazing group – my middle daughter Lily, (who starts the song off with beatboxing), is a member! I’ve always been a huge fan of this group and am grateful that my girls have been able to attend Calabasas High. Their performing arts programs are 1st rate. Joshua Barroll is their music teacher and director who oversees no less than five(!) vocal performance groups at this school. When I approached him to see if he’d like to have his students be in the video, he didn’t hesitate for a moment. His enthusiasm is only one of the reasons why Unstrumental excels 🙂

Meet the creative team

“Let’s do Lunch!”, performed by UNSTRUMENTAL, is an original song by Lucas Richman, arranged by Christopher Given Harrison. Story concept conceived and written by Loren Lester. Direction by D.J. Viola. Choreography by Mario Mosley. Musical direction by Joshua Barroll. Cinematography by Chris Ekstein. Produced by Stacy Ekstein, p.g.a., of Market Street Productions. Executive Producer ► Kelly Lester of EasyLunchboxes.

“It was such a blast to work on this shoot with so many talented young people. I couldn’t have asked for a more upbeat and exciting day. Kelly is an incredible artist and business woman!”
-Choreographer Mario Mosley. Follow Mario on Twitter and Instagram.

WATCH behind the scenes footage!

Click the image below to watch UNSTRUMENTAL UNCOVERED. Behind the scenes footage and a “backstage” view of UNSTRUMENTAL, and the making of “Let’s do Lunch!”

Go behind the scenes of "Let's do Lunch!"