EasyLunchboxes featured on TV … again!

Kelly Lester's EasyLunchboxes featured on TV - Showtime's SHAMELESS

SHAMELESS (self) Promotion

So that’s TWICE this month that I’ve caught my EasyLunchboxes on TV!!! And I’ve had nothing to do with the prop departments of first, Trophy Wife, and now Shameless deciding to use them!  

Honestly, I’m totally surprised and delighted that my containers apparently have this little side “career” going. Hmm… does this mean they’ll have to join Sag/Aftra soon? (Kidding.

In this week’s episode of SHAMELESS (season 4, episode 6), Sheila, played by one of my favorite actresses, Joan Cusak, packs up some snacks in my ELB containers. She hands each of her new young friends their own individual snack box to enjoy on a road trip.

Thanks SHAMELESS! Really thrilled to be included in this episode 🙂
LOVE your show!

@EasyLunchboxes - as seen on Showtime's #SHAMELESS

I wonder if EasyLunchboxes next appearance could garner some Oscar buzz… Oh, now would be way cool!