EasyLunchboxes featured on ABC-TV’s Trophy Wife – “Foxed Lunch”

EasyLunchboxes lunch containers - as seen on ABC-TVs Trophy Wife "Foxed Lunch"

Pretty excited last night to turn on the TV and find that the storyline of ABC-TV’s Trophy Wife revolved around school lunch packing and mompreneurs – two of my favorite subjects! And what lunch containers did the show feature in multiple scenes with some of the stars of the show??

My EasyLunchboxes!

We DVR this one, and my husband and I were laughing last night at about 11pm as I’m standing in front of the TV in my flannels. I’m giggling and directing him, “Hit the pause!” and I’m snapping away at the screen with my camera as he’s repeatedly clicking the remote control, trying to freeze the TV so I could capture my little “TV star” on network television. It’s hard to get good shots of a TV screen, but Jackie, (played by Michaela Watkins) and Kate, (played by Malin Akerman) gave me lots of good angles – way better than my pics here show. And the bento lunches they packed? They looked great!!

You’ll have to catch the whole episode to find out if Jackie’s new entrepreneurial pursuit “Foxed Lunch” –  homemade boxed lunches for kids delivered to the door – is a hit.

Either way though, EasyLunchboxes containers as the episode’s guest star? My “babies” made me proud!!

Kelly Lester - mom and ceo of EasyLunchboxes