EasyLunchboxes Endorsed in The Mix + Match Lunchbox Book

Mix and Match Lunchbox

So many possibilities. So many lunches!

I’m thrilled that my EasyLunchboxes containers and Mini Dippers are featured in this fun new book by mother/daughter team Cherie Schetselaar and Britney Rule.

With The Mix + Match Lunchbox (book) you can create 27,000 wholesome combos. Um. SURELY even your pickiest eater will find a few to love 😉

27,000 Mix + Match Lunchbox Possibilities

From the authors:

The Mix-and-Match Lunchbox breaks down the process so you only need a whole grain + a protein + a fruit + a vegetable to make a complete lunch! When you think about it in those easy steps, making lunch becomes a simple process.

But it gets even cooler than that! The recipe pages are spiral-bound and divided into 3 pieces so you or your kids can literally mix and match the recipes to lunchbox success. It’s so interactive that even your littlest lunch-eaters can have help in the planning of their lunches.

See it in action here:

I’ve got a copy of this book on my desk. It’s GORGEOUS. But why take it from me? Here’s what a dad named David had to say about it:

This book is really fantastic. Our son loves turning the different flaps to look at the colorful photos. Most of the recipes are really simple, which is great for busy parents. A lot of lunch cookbooks are too complicated for rushed mornings—this one makes it easy. Some of the recipe flaps aren’t actually recipes, but tips on things like picking the healthiest versions of products in the grocery store. Lots of great info packed into the book. The binding is super sturdy and each of the page flaps are really heavy duty with a glossy finish—perfect for little hands. Love the little section of tear-out notes in the back—we’ll be using these in our son’s lunches this school year. Overall, very well thought out and a great success!

Mix + Match Lunchbox Book in action

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