EasyLunchboxes Cooler Bags spotted on Orange is the new Black

EasyLunchboxes as seen on #OITNB

Another TV sighting of EasyLunchboxes!

EasyLunchboxes products have been spotted on TV a number of times including appearances on Trophy Wife and Shameless.

My daughters are obsessed with Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, and the other night, as they were watching Season 3, there was screaming from the other room. “Mommy!! Mommy! Your cooler bags are on TV!! OMG!!”

Sure enough, there they were, in season 3, episode 3. And they’re in other episodes too 🙂

Catherine Curtain and Joel Marsh Garland play the characters of Wanda Bell and Scott O’Neil. Not only are Wanda and Scott in a relationship, they also eat lunch together.

And they apparently enjoy carrying their lunches in EasyLunchboxes cooler bags.

EasyLunchboxes cooler bags as seen on Orange is the new Black │Netflix

Thanks for that, Netflix!