I wasn’t at the Oscars but I won

When I was growing up, a tall woman was often called an “Amazon”. Well, Amazon just made me feel like a super “Amazon”. And this one feels ten feet tall.

I’m featured on the home page of Amazon.com today!

Kelly Lester and EasyLunchboxes on the Amazon Home Page

They’re telling everyone how my small biz, EasyLunchboxes, soared when I started selling on Amazon.com, and became their #1 best-selling lunchbox.

Last Sunday, before the Academy Awards, I watched my fellow actors and actresses walk the red carpet. I felt, as I always do, a little jealous. But as far as I’m concerned, I just received the internet-equivalent of an “Oscar”.

Kelly Lester's EasyLunchboxes on Amazon's Home Page

Maybe I’ll get a chance to walk down the red carpet next year, but this year, Amazon has made me feel like a winner. (Now what do you wear to an online after-party?)

UPDATE  – Aug. 2013Amazon continues to feature my story: