EasyLunchbox Containers Can be Leak Free!

How to make your lunch container leak free

Of course you don’t pack ONLY dry food.

But EasyLunchboxes are not leakproof. So now what?

You can always pack those runny dips, dressings, and sauces in my leak-resistant dip and sauce containers.

But what about the rest of your lunch?

Because my EasyLunchboxes containers were designed to be easy-open, not leak-proof, I haven’t recommended including really runny foods (like yogurt or juicy fruits) for use in the container.  For something to be truly leakproof, it has to be closed evenly and securely, all the way around. Not everyone does that. Every time.  So even the “leakproof” containers are not always that, especially when it comes to smaller kids. I’ve chosen to make my lids easy-open for all ages/people with motor disabilities. Therefore, not leakproof. Of course, my EasyLunchboxes may not suit everyone’s needs. And that’s OK. There are plenty of other terrific options on the market. The main thing is to find what works best for your family so that packing meals is not a total annoyance.

(And it shouldn’t break the bank either. Food that’s packaged in snack and individual sizes costs a lot. You pay extra for all that packaging. So stick with the big tubs/full sizes and portion out what you need into your lunch containers.)

Ok, so here’s my little ‘stop the leaks’ trick:

If you include runnier foods in your ELBs:

Cut a square of thin wax paper or plastic wrap to cover the compartment you want to put the runny food in. Then put the lid on (firmly), and the cut square you added will act as a leak barrier!

“I recently purchased a set from you and I love them…..I found the Glad Press ‘n Seal Wrap is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!  You can cut a piece from the roll to fit any of the three compartment sizes and press down around the top of the compartment you put the yogurt or whatever in and it becomes totally leak-proof!!!!!  It is great!! So run out and buy some to try with your containers and you’ll see what I mean. “ -Julianna J.

Patty Pac wax paper sheets

To make things even easier, I was shopping at my local Smart & Final warehouse and restaurant supply store and I came across pre-cut (dry)wax paper sheets.  Like 1,000 in a box for something ridiculous like $6. These would last me a year! You can find them online HERE as well. Now I don’t even need a scissors. Wahoo!  I can spend my time making yummy lunches and even recreating my daughter Julia’s favorite yogurt treat. The kind that has little candies or something in it.  I bought a bag of marshmallows (not all junk food is banned – I’m never going to be that obsessed) and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and it’s lasted me almost two weeks. Can you hear the $$avings? Ka-ching.

Easylunchboxes are THE BOMB, especially for my DD, everything fit perfectly in there and I was actually able to give her vanilla yogurt I buy in bulk rather than the individual packaged YoKids. I opened one of those Yokids for her once, got some on my finger and it was so sweet! Your lunchbox enables me to pour the yogurt, sans flavored sweeteners and packaging, and provide a spoon tucked into a bandana napkin, with the ice pack on top, et voila! – Cecily, Los Angeles, CA

A picture tutorial is below to show you how to make most runny foods safe to pack in an EasyLunchbox container. (But please carry upright in my cooler bag or similar, not sideways.) A whole world of possibilities just opened up 🙂 This meal was a hit. Affordable Yogurt Sundae!:

How to make your lunch leak-resistant

Got a whole lunch that’s “runny”?

If you want the WHOLE container to be leak-resistant, try some GLAD Press ‘n Seal over the entire container bottom. Cut a piece slightly larger than the lid. Stretch slightly and place firmly over all three compartments. Put on the container lid and press down till it’s secure.

EasyLunchboxes can be leak resistant with Glad Press 'n Seal

Other “sealers” that work just as well:

  • a cut to size sheet of wax paper (wax side down, covering the food)
  • whatever brand of plain plastic wrap you may have on hand

Stop the leaks! How to pack dip in a lunch container

Enjoy a leak-free lunch!

(And spend the money you save on something important.) Disclaimer: Don’t try this with soup or other foods that are mostly liquid. And remember, EasyLunchboxes containers are recommended for use with my cooler bag, carried upright, not sideways. More about other size coolers HERE.

Please note: the above tips may not be applicable if you carry the container sideways in a cooler bag other than the EasyLunchbox cooler. For carrying upright only. (More about other size coolers HERE.)