EasyLunchboxes are a sell-out this back to school season

EasyLunchboxes are Sold Out until late September, 2012

I am grateful beyond words for the overwhelming popularity of my EasyLunchbox containers this back-to-school season!!

But I was truly taken by surprise this August. Sales went (way) over double what I was doing last year at this time…

See, I really needed a crystal ball…

Here’s what it would have told me: One should never underestimate the power of positive word-of-mouth. Or in this case, the power of the pin. If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest yet, check out this post, and you’ll see how it can drive traffic to a website like no one’s business.

In my case, with each repin of each packed lunch pic, traffic to my site grew like never before. And boy do you pack some beauties! 🙂

The power of Pinterest. EasyLunchboxes.com

And it didn’t hurt that my entrepreneurial story made the home page of Amazon.com again this month.

Kelly Lester EasyLunchboxes on Amazon home page Aug 2012

More container sets ARE on the way, but we won’t be restocked until late September…

Order now, we’ll ship as soon as we get ’em

Even though the containers are out of stock, you can still place an order on my website. If your order includes a container set, your entire order will ship when we have more stock, by the end of September. (We cannot ship partial orders).

If your order does not include a container set, it will ship immediately. I am so sorry for the delay! (Amazon.com still has about a day’s supply of my containers left so you can still order there. AND get FREE shipping! But hurry- they’re almost gone from Amazon’s warehouse too.)

Dreaming of the day my ship comes in. EasyLunchboxes.com

Anyone have a crystal ball brand to recommend?