Easy Transport for Diabetic Blood Glucose Testing Supplies

EasyLunchboxes containers and cooler bags make it easy to transport diabetic medical supplies

EasyLunchboxes – they’re not just for lunch!

I love hearing about other uses for my EasyLunchboxes lunch containers and cooler bags 🙂

I recently got this email from Tess. She wrote:

“I work in a busy University Library across campus from most of the food venues… so lots of times I used to skip meals and then pig out on junk food after work. All that changed in December when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and I knew I’d have to get a handle on eating more frequently and having smaller, more nutritious meals throughout the day. I did a Google search to find EasyLunchBoxes and I was sure they’d be perfect for me — and I was right!

I started using my boxes and cooler for celery and almond butter, grilled chicken fingers, and other small healthy meals. I used to have a large (and forgettable!) bag to carry my testing supplies and medication in, and one day I thought that all the stuff I need for testing my blood sugar would fit exactly into one of the EasyLunchboxes bento boxes and then sit at the bottom of my two daily meal boxes in my EasyLunchboxes cooler. No more forgetting my meter and strips, since I would NEVER forget my food – haha. How easy! Also, I hate to throw away my used lancets and strips at work so I can just stick them into the smallest compartment and then toss them at home — even better since I can put the whole bento box in the dishwasher every night if I need to.

Thanks for a great product that makes diabetes a little easier to live with.”

– Tess, AKA Damsel in Defense, Mississippi State University

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Diabetic lunch packing for a road trip