Easy Dinners, No Stress -Thanks to the Six O’Clock Scramble

Opening up my fridge last night, in addition to the usual bread, peanut butter, milk, and string cheese, I found a bag of spinach, two chicken breasts, three ready to be discarded mushrooms, no onions, and not much else of great interest. My girls would be home from dance class shortly and I was in no mood to get creative with this sorry selection of food items.

I had planned to shop earlier in the day and figure something out for dinner, but 3 phone calls and a meeting took way longer than expected, and the marketing never happened. Trouble is, this kind of thing happens sometimes a lot in my house [sigh].

I consider myself organized and capable, so it’s actually hard to admit that, when it comes to meal planning, I could stand some improvement. In fact, I could use some serious HELP! Since I don’t love cooking, I actually try to avoid the kitchen all together, but of course, I know this is not a good strategy.

I think I’m finally ready to follow a cue from my very own blog and subscribe to a meal planning service!

Help me Aviva!

Aviva GoldfarbEnter the Six O’Clock Scramble – an online dinner planning service started by Aviva Goldfarb. Each week she sends out a weekly menu planner with recipes and simple instructions for balanced dinners and easy side dishes. The Scramble emphasizes whole grains, lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables. Aviva’s recipes simplify cooking by using fewer than ten nutritious ingredients and easy-to-follow directions. Her website states that, “Most people who use The Scramble to plan their meals report that they save $75 to $100 per month on food (includes fewer restaurant meals and less wasted food)!” Now that’s savings I can use!

Here’s Aviva showing us how easy it is to make one of her great recipes while she shares some details about her menu planning service. Watch as she makes a refreshing Salmon Salad with lemon and dill, served up in Avacado halves – perfect for dinner or lunchboxes!

The Six O’Clock Scramble is a time and stress-saving weekly dinner planning system to help busy parents get healthy and delicious meals on the table each and every night with much less time and stress. With easy recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less, an emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables, customized meal plans and an automated grocery shopping list, The Scramble is helping families nationwide save time, money and stress, and rediscover the joy of family dinners.

Mother’s Day Special!

It’s my lucky week! I just saved on my subscription to The Six O’Clock Scramble!

Between now and Mother’s Day, The Scramble is having a rare sale on subscriptions (gifts for self or others) with the promo code MOTHERSDAY11.

The promotion gets you $4 off a six-month subscription, $8 off a one year subscription or $2 off a three-month subscription between now and Mother’s Day (May 8th). This offer applies to ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS purchased between now and May 8th, except two year subscriptions. Just type in MOTHERSDAY11 at check-out and the discount will be applied.

Be sure to visit The Six O’Clock Scramble to learn more about this time and money saving program, and don’t forget to pick up your FREE downloads:

And here’s one of my favorite articles from Aviva’s blog: 20 Creative Ideas for Healthy School Lunches.

Lots more on The Six O’Clock Scramble’s FACEBOOK page and TWITTER @thescramble.

OK- I’m off to the market! I have my first weekly menu in my hot little hand. Time to stock up and get ready for some easy meals 🙂