Feeding Baby is Easy with the Baby Dipper Bowl

Baby Dipper Bowl. Easy one handed feedingMy oldest daughter is going off to college in a couple of months and my youngest is graduating elementary school in a couple of weeks. There have been a gazillion baby products that have come on the market in all the years I’ve had kids, but only a handful of them are truly unique, helpful, or different. The Baby Dipper Bowl fits all of those descriptions.

OK, no babies in my house, so why am I reviewing a baby bowl for my very first product review? Because I know the mom who invented them.

WAIT! – I’m not just posting nice things about her product because I like her. I actually admired her invention for months before I even met her. In the weeks leading up to the launch of EasyLunchboxes last winter, I was immersing myself in all things mom-blog related and everywhere I clicked on the web I kept running into the Baby Dipper Bowl and it’s creator Barbara Schantz. A mom of two sets of twins(!), she seemed more than qualified in the role of “mompreneur”. Even more impressive was that her invention immediately went into my very thin  “Wow- great idea/wish I had that when my kids were little” folder.  While taking care of all those babies, in a relatively short amount of time, she had invented, patented, and gotten the Baby Dipper Bowl out to the blogosphere, gathering wonderful reviews, great word of mouth, and terrific google rankings – my exact goals for the EasyLunchbox System.

Long story short, I called her up, asked if I could hire her to  ‘mentor’ me for an hour, and she graciously agreed. Barbara gave me great tips and ideas on how to focus my marketing, and her tutelage gave me lots of positive support and perspective that really helped me during those first weeks of  running my company. She even recommended me to be featured alongside her in a recent magazine article Mothers Of Invention.

So now we cheerlead and promote eachother as mompreneurs and friends. Ok, my turn!…

The Baby Dipper Bowl

Feed baby with one hand. Non slip baby dipper bowlBarbara designed the Baby Dipper bowl to help her feed a baby (or two) using only one hand.  A non-slip bottom surface keeps it from sliding. A sloped interior surface and a spoon-shaped collection point helps the parent (or new little self-feeder) gather the food down to the last bite. Additionally, vertical sides help push food onto the spoon and transparent sides allow the food to be seen easily by both the parent and the child. The bowl she designed has proven to make feeding much easier for parents and for toddlers trying to spoon-feed themselves.

Baby Dipper Bowl. Feed babies with one hand.

When you read all about the Baby Dipper Bowl on the website, watch the video, and generally learn why this is a product for your short list of parent must-haves, what you can’t truly get a feel for is the exceptional quality of the Baby Dipper Bowl. It’s SO well made! When mine arrived in the mail I was immediately impressed with the very informative packaging (in three languages!) which states the must have requirements – NO BPA, lead, or phalates. The 4oz. microwave-safe plastic bowl is really thick and smooth, and the non-removable soft rubber base that keeps the bowl from sliding is seamlessly attached, not something that will come apart after a few months. This is a beautifully designed product! I tried it on different surfaces – glass, tile, and wood, and each time, the bowl stayed put and did not move around while I maneuvered the spoon inside. The Baby Dipper Bowl comes with a very well made rubber handled fork and spoon, perfect for parents or baby.

The Baby Dipper Bowl comes with a spoon and fork

No babies were available for me to test the Baby Dipper Bowl with, but after three kids, it’s pretty easy for me to see that this would have been our favorite baby feeding bowl back in the day (uh, that made me sound old!). I do however have to stop my girls from arguing over who gets to eat out of it during after school homework time.

The Baby Dipper Bowl for Homework and Snack Time

This bowl will obviously last well beyond toddlerhood! (I plan on keeping it for the grandkids. Gulp.) For great reviews with some actual real live baby experience, click here.

You can buy the Baby Dipper Bowl from Barbara’s company website for $12.95, or from a list of growing retailers. What a great gift for a new mom, or maybe baby’s first birthday! Oh heck, buy it for your older kids – makes homework fun!

Eating yogurt from The Baby Dipper Bowl

Thanks Barbara, for your support and friendship and of course, your fabulous bowl. This review was super easy to write since I truly love your invention!

OK everyone – here’s where you can find, buy and follow The Baby Dipper/Barbara Schantz:

Baby Dipper Website