Go Green for Earth Day – Fundraising with Waste-Free Lunch Boxes

Earth Day 2011 is almost here! On April 22nd, Eco-Fests and other organized activities will introduce and promote sustainable living choices that will impact our communities for a lifetime and beyond.

Small changes that every family can make at home greatly improve the world we live in. It’s no surprise that the amount of paper and plastic garbage thrown away at lunch is a shockingly large addition to our landfills on a daily basis.

Looking for an Earth Day idea for your school or organization?  Earn funds AND green your lunchbox at the same time with our simple and effective fundraising program!

It works!

Northern CA’s Warwick Elementary School, with the encouragement of their principal (who eschews unhealthy candy drives and cookie sales), earned about $1,000 selling EasyLunchboxes, and this was via ONLY their 6th graders, who were raising money for a science trip.

Warwick’s winning sales tactic was to offer our containers and cooler bags for slightly less than the suggested retail prices ($13.95 and $7.95), rounding down to even numbers so that the kids didn’t have to count change. Smart!

They priced the containers at $13 /coolers at $7. The complete EasyLunchbox System (container and cooler) was an even $20. No shipping or tax was charged. The school purchased from us at wholesale after all the orders and money was collected. We shipped their entire order to the school and customers were notified to that they were available for pick-up  Great deal for the buyers, and about a 40% return for the school!

FL School is Green

Learning Gate Community School in Lutz, FL is a LEED Certified Green charter school. They just placed a wholesale order with us after showing samples and taking orders for EasyLunchboxes at their recent day-long EcoFest. Here’s a picture of their booth:

EasyLunchboxes booth at Eco Fest

Learning Gate School wrote:

“Yesterday was our EcoFest! it was the most glorious day…sunny but not too hot, thousands of patrons, over a hundred vendors, music, crafts, gardening, workshops….my family had a blast. It was a tremendous success! I sold approximately 30 each of sets and cooler bags! And gave away your info to at least a hundred people who wanted to see the website.”

Their sales tactic for securing EasyLunchboxes orders:

“With 100 vendors selling the most amazing stuff—-and because I could only take cash or check—I needed an easy way for them to pre-order, fill out the form and move on, without product in hand. We priced the container sets at $10 /coolers at $5. Flat rate, exceedingly reasonable, and easy to fish out of your pocket. “

With whatever pricing or method you choose to sell EasyLunchboxes, you will certainly earn needed revenue and help green the lunch boxes in your community! Click HERE to learn how you can get started.