Dream Big. Don’t Live in Smallness

Susan Kay Wyatt and ElizabethDuring our recent first date (lol, what do you call it when new girlfriends get together for the first time?) my new friend, Susan Kay Wyatt, and I discussed our dreams and ambitions. Over an Aroma Cafe veggie wrap, we shared stories about our passion for performing, motherhood and success.  It seems we have a lot in common. Both of us live to perform, and find that making music brings us infinite joy. The other thing that binds us together is the way we feel about our daughters.  We’re passionate about raising them to be strong and self-assured, with enough moxie to shine and grow into their own amazing, unique selves.

“SK” emailed me the other night. She wanted to share something that she had written for her then 7-year old daughter Elizabeth. Even though we’ve only had one “date”, my new friend “gets” me pretty well. 🙂 Not sure how, but she must have gotten inside my head and heard me wonder, “Why do I work so hard – building a business, pursuing the elusive business of show, balancing family – many nights to the point of exhaustion?” But when I question it, something inside me always says, “Keep going! You’ll get there if you don’t give up!” And I wonder why I keep getting those kinds of answers.

I think my new friend SK just cleared up the mystery. Here’s what she wrote:

Dream Big

Everyone has a dream. A dream is something that you are passionate about. It is something that makes your heart race and you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it. It is usually something you simply find yourself doing or thinking about on a regular basis.

Sadly, most people don’t understand and will say things to discourage you from your quest. This can lead to you not believing in your dream anymore. Then you decide to go after something more “realistic” which means you may settle for something that isn’t what your heart truly desires. This will only lead to sadness and an emptiness that cannot be filled any other way.

The Universe is a vast and amazing space where we are all inter-connected by a powerful energetic FORCE. This force of energy we all have access to. The more you focus on what you want, the more the universe will send answers and guidance in ways you could never have imagined. But you must stay strong in your convictions and they must be for the good of all.

So.. if your dream seems totally doable to you, it is not big enough. Back up the train and be brave enough to claim the Big Dream that was placed in your heart since you were born. It belongs to you and when you align with the powerful energy of it, help will arrive in ways you could not have imagined.

Don’t live in smallness. Dream Big. It’s alright if you do. In fact, you will learn that the whole world has been waiting for you to live and be in the greatest expression of who you are.

Thanks SK.

I’m going to keep on dreaming. And more importantly, I’m teaching Jenny, Lily, and Julia to Dream Big too.

Susan Kay WyattSusan Kay Wyatt is a singer, songwriter, writer, & warrior for eradicating low self-esteem off the planet. She’s a sassy, inspiring, wicky-wacky Mom VLOGGER raising one daughter. We became friends when she and daughter Elizabeth created this amazing video about my EasyLunchboxes. SK is writing a book entitled “Skip the Princess. Raise the Queen.” I can’t wait to read it!