Do dads pack lunches? Lunchbox Dad does! [VIDEO]

Beau Coffron, aka Lunchbox Dad, packs lunches for his daughter to take to school

Beau Coffron, aka Lunchbox Dad, is certainly not the only dad who packs lunches for his child to take to school. A poll referenced on one of my fave dad blogs, 8BitDad, says over half of them do, but Beau is one of the very few who packs AND blogs about it. In fact, if you visit Bento Bloggers and Friends, one of my favorite groups of like minded lunch-packers who support and share each others’ creations, you’ll find he’s one of only two men in the group, and the only dad.

“I’m just a Dad who was inspired by a fellow parent and blogger to create a special lunch every Monday for my daughter during her first year of Kindergarten. The goal is for the lunch to be made out of common stuff from the fridge, be semi-healthy, and of course help her to feel feel special every Monday as she starts a new week at school!”

When I first “met” Beau online, he shared this with me,

“…I would love to see more Dads get into it, because I have personally seen it help my daughter and I become closer. Yeah, its great to make fun lunches, and I am really working at making them as healthy as possible (and still have her eat it!), but I love the connection it has given us and I want to see that connection between more dads (and moms!) and their kids. You just don’t get that with buying a Lunchable and throwing it in your kid’s backpack … Anyone can take a little extra time … and show their own kids how much they care. I choose to do that through fun lunches.  And I make sure and write a note with each lunch to tell my daughter how much I miss her and love her. Anyone can do at least this, and perhaps use a cookie cutter on a sandwich. My point with this whole thing is … look at what you can do for your kids if you just put a little extra time and effort into making a fun, healthy lunch.”

This dad of 2 (and one on the way!) has just written a book (Adventures in Lunchboxing), and though his blog is less than a year old, he’s already a popular guest on TV new programs! This week, Beau shared some of his lunch packing tips and talents on Good Day Sacramento:

Go Beau!! Isn’t he a natural on TV??

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Who packs lunches in your house?