DIY Lunchables with EasyLunchboxes compartmentalized containers

Inspirational photo gallery of DIY Lunchables packed in EasyLunchboxes.

DIY “Lunchable” courtesy of Bento for my Girls       

Make homemade Lunchables they won't toss outMake Lunchables that aren’t trashables

In a scathing Huffington Post article, Michael Jacobson (Executive Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest) goes so far as to call Lunchables – “trashables”. He points out the endless list of processed and chemically based ingredients, packed up in a convenient and kid-appealing tray, marketed to harried parents, BUT, all at the expense of children’s health.

“If a big advantage of Lunchables is that they require little thought on the part of parents, a big downside is that they teach children that food shouldn’t require much thought, or that eating needn’t be preceded by thinking. – Michael Jacobson

If you need a little side by side showdown of their ingredients vs. your ingredients, read What’s in a Lunchable? A Healthier Homemade Alternative.

Make your own Lunchables – it’s Easy

Good nutrition does require some thought. But with my EasyLunchboxes compartmentalized trays, a few little extras, and your own fresh ingredients, you can make lunches that look like what the other kids are eating, but with your choice of mom-approved foods.

You’re happy, they’re happy

Part of the “Lunchables” appeal is being able to assemble their own. Stacking crackers and turkey slices, spreading pizza sauce and shredded cheese, etc. gives children ownership over their meal, just like helping to prep dinner. And they get to try new ways of eating things; it gives them a sense of freedom and play. Even though they may not really get a choice over the contents of their lunch – it FEELS like they have choices.

With a little help from my friends…

These are only a few of the myriad of ideas for DIY Lunchables floating around online.
But hopefully, this small sampling will inspire you to put on your creative lunch tray hat, fill up a few compartments with munchies your kids will love, and put an end to the whining for those “other” lunch trays.

DIY Lunchable packed in an easylunchbox © A Boy and his Lunch

happy birthday lunchables packed in easylunchboxes© My Epicurean Adventures

make your own pizza lunchable make your own pizza lunchable  © Bento for Kidlet

make your own lunchable - allergy freeallergy-free DIY Lunchable © Keeley McGuire Blog

Homemeade Lunchable using EasyLunchboxes BPA-Free compartmentalized trays

© Crazy? Maybe!

preschool lunch on the go - a DIY lunchablepreschool lunch on the go © Chaos and Confections

make your own chicken dunks lunchable [RECIPE][RECIPE] at Beneficial Bento

lunchables you can make yourself and pack ahead©

Make Lunchables yourself using EasyLunchboxes compartmentalized containers. Kid-pleasing, mom-approved© Bentos on the Bayou,  Feeling a Little Lunchy,  Bent on Better Lunches

easylunchboxes for DIY lunchables© Biting the Hand That Feeds You

On the go? Pack your own "Lunchables" snacks© Meet the Dubiens

healthy homemade lunchable with smoothie©MOMables

Oh… and Lunchables you make yourself? They cost less too!

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