Decorate Your Lunch Box with a Personal Touch

So the writer stares at the blank page and the artist stares at the blank canvas. But then inspiration comes along and….VOILA!….ART!

When I created I knew that I was supplying a practical solution to the problem of packing lunches quickly, but I had no idea that I was also becoming…dare I say it?…a muse?

Seriously, I’m not taking any credit for the creativity of my customers. I’m just IMPRESSED!

From simple to sensationalOur lunch bags are simple, sturdy, and functional. They make transporting any lunch a breeze, since they hold as much or as little as you may need for the day. But do they appeal to a little kid who’s eyes only light up for Batman or a Disney Princess? Well, admittedly, not always. But along comes Brittney, who writes the blog The Poe Fam. She shares wonderful ideas for decorating not only our cooler bags, but also special decorative touches she incorporates into the lunches she prepares for her son Quinn.

Quinn just started preschool and, of course, carrying his first backpack and lunch box is a very special rite of passage into the big boy zone. It’s obviously special to his mom too. Brittney turned our plain canvas of a bag into a work of art any young scholar would be proud of!

For older children who may have less supervision on a play yard, you probably don’t want to showcase their name so prominently on their belongings for safety reasons. So instead, you could highlight their favorite nickname, sports team, or field of interest like dancing, karate, or soccer.

Quinn's lunch box

Make Lunchtime Special!

Brittney also has some marvelous ideas for making lunchtime a special event for your child while he’s away from home. Quinn always knows his mommy is thinking of him when he opens his lunchbox to find treasures like these:

Learning and Lunchtime go together when lunch has a letter theme!

Visit Brittney’s blog to find out more ways to make lunch fun. And feel free to share your own ideas and images with us here, or on our Facebook Page! Kinda like househunting- it’s fun to get a peek into others’ lives, even if it’s only into their lunch box!  Be sure to check out our lunch bag gallery for tons more decoration inspiration.