Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook – Easy Lunchboxes

I’m Writing a Book!


Trader Joes Easy Lunchboxes Cookbook Mock-up

If you’re lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s near you, you understand why it’s my favorite place to buy groceries.  And it’s not just because of their oh so affordable and flavorful “Two Buck Chuck” wine (which I tend to be drinking as I write these late night posts…). No, it’s a lot more than that. Shopping at this store makes me feel good. Their foods are super fresh, have minimally processed ingredients, and are a great value. And those fun, engaging, and always helpful employees in their Hawaiian shirts never fail to put me in a good mood.

So imagine my delight when the creators and publishers of the wonderful cookbooks Cooking With Trader Joe’s called and asked ME to write their next book!

Then imagine my inner freak-out as I ruminated, “uh, yeah,  I’m wildly passionate about healthy eating, but I pretty much don’t love hate to cook…!!”

Turns out they don’t care if I hate don’t love to cook.  In fact, when they asked me if I’d ever considered writing a cookbook, not only didn’t they hang up on me when I laughed and quickly said, “No”,  they told me to think about writing their next book – meal ideas using the fabulous foods from Trader Joe’s, all packed in my EasyLunchboxes.

Sure, I can write this book!

So after about 27 seconds of thinking, I realized that this is actually the perfect book for me to write/put together!

Here’s why: Trader Joe’s makes it so easy for people like me, who’d rather spend their time OUT of the kitchen, to eat healthy with very little effort. My EasyLunchboxes make it easy to transport all this good food 🙂 The publishers want to show their readers how to pack yummy meals. Fast. I want to encourage people to eat healthy when they’re away from home; at school, work, or on the road. Packing a meal can be easy if you have the right tools and great food. This book will show you how.

Since I launched EasyLunchboxes in Dec., 2009, I am proud of and grateful for my amazing online community of EasyLunchbox packers who so generously share their meal ideas, recipes, pics, and tips on their blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.  The Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook publishers are thrilled with the idea of replicating our online resources into the pages of this new book! And I’m blown away by their cookbooks – large, hardcover volumes with full color pictures on almost every page.

Featuring the EasyLunchboxes Community

My intro chapters and personal comments throughout the book will be written to inspire and encourage readers to enjoy healthier eating at home and on the go. I will share my own food journey and a quite recent epiphany that has led me to embrace, and actually even enjoy cooking.

It will feature the personal stories, photos, EasyLunchbox meal ideas and recipes gathered from many of my delightful fans and supporters: food bloggers, parents, nutrition experts, a pediatrician, bento artists, and more – folks who share my passion for healthy eating and better food options. The current EasyLunchboxes community is generally already on board with this lifestyle, but this book will allow us to reach and inspire an even bigger audience.

If you can picture it, you can do it!

photo by Marla Meridith - Project Lunch BoxWhat’s a cookbook without “mouth-watering, I have to make that, NOW!” photographs? My Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook – Easy Lunchboxes will be filled with stunning pics taken by the uber talented Marla Meridith who is the extraordinary photographer, food stylist and healthy living blogger behind Family Fresh Cooking. She had already been doing an incredible Project Lunch Box series featuring my EasyLunchboxes when I got the call to write the book.

I’d be embarrassed if you had seen my happy dance when Marla agreed to jump on board with me to be the photographer for all the scrumptious meals we’ll be sharing on every page.

Look for Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cookbook – Easy Lunchboxes on Amazon, and wherever books are sold, in September of 2012.