Lunch container lids not fitting right?

Feel like your container lids are not fitting properly? Notice a change between sets?

(Too tight? Not able to close all the way? Popping up on one side? Different packaging?)

They are not defective.

You know when you buy another pack of your favorite socks and after a few washes they get all mixed up in your sock drawer and now no two pairs are the same? Well, this is kind of what’s happening with your EasyLunchboxes containers.

They are not defective. They are new. From a shiny new factory. 

Which means… that we had to make a new mold. And when you make a new mold to pour the plastic, what comes out is never an exact clone of what came before. And then, there’s the fact that the containers you’re already using have been loved … a lot.

So as you can imagine, when you mix and match the old container parts with the new, the “fit” isn’t going to be optimal. While the containers and lids from one set fit perfectly together, they may not be interchangeable with other sets

…did I mention that these are new? Look! Even the packaging is new!

NEWER sets are being sold as soon as older sets are sold out.


EasyLunchboxes packaging comparison

Older sets in some colors/warehouses are still in stock and will be sold first. The below may not apply to you, yet.

Newer sets sold after JULY 2017 

  • Lids that include “bpa-free” match the bottoms that include “enjoy your lunch”. (Older pieces do not say these things.)
  • Pieces from sets packaged in a looser poly-bag will not fit with pieces from sets packaged in tight shrink-wrap.

Sets sold from 2014 – 2017

 BOTTOMS say BPA-FREE    No lid changes until July, 2017

Sets sold before 2014 –

 BOTTOMS do NOT say BPA-FREE    No lid changes until July, 2017

So here’s what you can do:

1) Check your lids and bottoms. Look at the markings and line up what matches. They will:

• Fit together smoothly, and close well with no corners lifting
• They will be easy to open and close

2) Take nail polish and make a small mark on your old container bases and on the lift tab of the lid. Tada! Now you know which ones have been previously loved.

3) Take a permanent marker and write your child’s name on the bottom and lid. (This is also a great idea because, since EasyLunchboxes have become so popular, your child is bound to come home with someone else’s lid one day. Or if she loses her lunch container, she’s more likely to get it back.)

So in the end, it turns out you have shiny new EasyLunchboxes containers that need just a little more loving.


One more thing to consider …

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