Chobani Kids and Tots Yogurt – a great fit for your child’s lunch

Nothing artificial, only the good stuff.


Chobani Kids® and Chobani Tots® Greek Yogurt is specially designed for kids and toddlers. These are nutritious lunch box additions you can feel  good about. They contain real fruits and vegetables, and nothing artificial. That means only natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors.

breakfast box with Spiderman pouch packed in EasyLunchboxes

Keep your little superhero going strong all day with this protein packed breakfast-for-lunch box. Packed in my EasyLunchboxes, leftover pancakes make a fun and easy lunch, just spread with a little cream cheese. Add in some cheese cubes, fresh berries and a healthy yogurt pouch, and you have an easy but nutritious lunch that they are sure to love. We love including Chobani Greek yogurt in lunch. Made with all natural ingredients, 25% less sugar, and 2X the protein than the leading kids yogurt, it’s a healthy choice we can feel great about.

Protein box with Chobani Kids Tube packed in EasyLunchboxes

A super protein packed lunch to keep them going all day long. Classics they are sure to love: ham, cheese and crackers, a garden fresh tomato, with apple and orange slices. This lunch is made even extra special with Chobani Kids Mixed Berry Yogurt Tube – with all natural ingredients, 25% less sugar than the leading yogurt tubes, and 5 grams of protein – they’ll think they’re getting a special treat, and you’ll feel good knowing they have a healthy lunch. Quick tip: freeze the yogurt tube bent in the box like above, and it will help keep the rest of the lunch cool until lunch time.

Toddler snack box with Chobani Tots pouch packed in EasyLunchboxes

A toddler snack box that your little one is going to love. This box includes some top toddler favorites: bananas, cut grapes, and pretzels. Make it a complete meal with all the goodness of Greek yogurt. We love including a Chobani Tots pouch in our snack boxes because it’s packed with protein and all natural. And best of all – the kids love it!

This post was sponsored by our friends at Chobani. I am happy to partner with brands that take our health and well-being seriously. Thanks Chobani!