Lunch and Dinner – Busy Actress Packs a Lot in One Day

Meet Megan:


Megan CrockettMegan Crockett is an actress/singer and a friend of mine. She also needs to keep her meals gluten free. We met at the Academy For New Musical Theatre where we both have had the pleasure of lending our talents to various new musicals in development. The last thing I saw Megan perform in was a piece (I kid you not) about flesh eating zombies and, I know it sounds totally insane, but the piece was actually wonderfully entertaining, and Megan was quite moving as a love struck zombie.

Most actors in Los Angeles have day jobs of some sort that allow them the flexibility to go to auditions and the freedom at night to participate in acting classes, rehearsals and performances.  Owning my own business gives me this kind of freedom, but since I do most of my work from home, my fridge is conveniently nearby.

Megan doesn’t work from home, so she likes to bring her lunch to work. And recently, she started rehearsals at  night for a new show called Forbidden Zone which opens next month. I seriously love when people write to me and share their lunch box stories and meals!  Here’s what Megan shared:

“I just knew that today I had to go straight from work to rehearsal for the show I’m working on. I was really amazed at how much food I could pack using your EasyLunchbox System! It made me really happy to know that I could pack for both lunch and dinner, save some cash, &  not be full of something like Thai food before a big dance rehearsal.”

Megan was also darling enough to send me pics and a  description of everything she got into one cooler!:

Megan's lunch and dinner fit in one cooler bag

Megan’s lunch and dinner packed in one EasyLunch Cooler Bag

“It took me a bit to figure out what to put into each compartment this morning, but it was nice to have a lot of different items that I could eat instead of the random microwave food I normally grab at work. Plus – people were impressed at rehearsal with me eating my dinner and it looking so darn healthy. I’m hoping that I’ll use the EasyLunch container boxes frequently instead of being tempted to eat something with gluten in it and get sick (like I did yesterday..sigh…)”

Here’s everything Megan actually got into her cooler bag:

Megan fits all this for lunch and dinner in one cooler bag

Here’s everything Megan packed in one cooler bag for her lunch and dinner

Top left box (Dinner)
Gluten free crackers (wrapped in a baggie so they don’t get soggy) on top of sliced chicken lunch meat. With Tomato and Cucumbers.
Top Right Box (Lunch)
A sandwich consisting of Gluten Free bread with Honey ham and a slice of deli white American cheese, packed with tomato. Cucumbers and oatmeal cinnamon gluten free cookies.
The items on the bottom from left to right are 2 strawberry fruit leathers, 2 apricot fruit leathers, a swiss army style knife/fork/spoon set, a gluten free chocolate chip granola bar, two mango/apple sauce containers and a Pepsi throwback.
If you’re in Los Angeles next month, look Megan up at the Sacred Fools Theatre and tell her you peeked in her lunch box. I’m sure she won’t mind.