People with disabilities and allergies find self-reliance and dignity in a lunch box

people with disabilities pack lunches with easylunchboxes

Packing lunches with Cerebral Palsy

“There are many simple things that most people take for granted. Lunch happens to be one of them.”

In observance of National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, my friend Rose wrote an eye-opening blog post about her husband’s struggle to find a way to eat lunch on his own at work. Affectionately referred to as “The Elder”, her husband has cerebral palsy. At work, he had pretty much resorted to eating boxed microwave meals (that someone would heat up for him) since most lunch boxes were too difficult for him to use himself.

Then Rose gave my EasyLunchboxes a try. That’s The Elder in the above pic Smile
He’s now enjoying her home-packed meals at work, without assistance. Read his story HERE.

Rebecca D. wrote to tell me about her daughter:

“Your lunchboxes are great for children with disabilities. My daughter is 5 and in kindergarten. She has cerebral palsy and has a full time aide at school. We send Claire to school with your easy lunchboxes every day. Claire is able to get the lid off with little help and then has her entire lunch in front of her. So easy. It makes her more independent, at least at the lunch table. Thank you for creating what seems like a simple product, but is so helpful. They also make it easy for my 8 year old son to pack his own lunch every morning. Once he has the compartments filled, he is ready to go.”

Self-sufficient feeding with autism

Kathlie wrote to me and said:

“My son has autism, your lunchboxes have made feeding times easier by making him feel more self sufficient… Meal times can be the hardest. Many autistic kids NEED a certain plate, cup whatever it is. Well my son required these at school it is the only thing he will eat from!…He can’t stand food touching and has to have everything separate and dips or he will cry and cry and I am not there to fix it so he will come home hungry. Perfect lunch box for him!

Jenn of Bento for Kidlet made this very special lunch in honor of  World Autism Day:

Packed Puzzle lunch for world autism day

Help for those with feeding disorders

“My three year old daughter has an immune deficiency and a swallowing disorder that require many many trips to the hospital and specialists, even feeding therapy. Good nutrition is a big deal because it is one aspect of her health that we can control. I pack her lunches and snacks for these visits along with her lunch for preschool daily so we never have to stop for junk.” – Stefanie C.

“As a national speaker and author on the topic of feeding disorders in young children, I’m always excited to tell more parents and pediatric therapists about EasyLunchboxes. The EasyLunchbox System is my go-to for Family Lunchbox Dinners, where we practice learning how to eat in a school cafeteria. The cafeteria can be overwhelming for many kids: the lights, the noises, the rush, rush, rush to eat…Having one easy-open container saves time so kids can focus on eating a nutritious lunch and socialize with friends. Plus, it’s easy to personalize the cooler bag with note pockets, so helpful for kids with special needs, or any kiddo who just needs a special spot for a lunchtime love note.”  – Melanie Potock,  MA, CCC-SLP  Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist & Feeding Specialist

Lunch packing for allergies

Packing allergy-safe meals is a necessity for many. My EasyLunchbox System makes it, well, easier.

Allergy Free School Lunch Easy Bento Ideas

 Lunch boxes that make life easier

“I wanted to share with you. My co-worker’s mother was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She had her first chemo treatment this week. I brought them some EasyLunchboxes so they could pack their lunches for the long chemo days. Her mom just called me to thank me. She wanted to thank me herself because, not only was she glad that I had thought of her, but she was so impressed with the ELBs! One of the side effects of her chemo is neuropathy. She is having difficulty using her hands/fingers and the ELBs are still easy enough for her to get the cover off on her own. She lives by herself. Now, my co-worker can pack her mom dinners in the ELBs, and she can get it ready on her own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful product.” – Dina Berlo, What the Girls are Having

  • A Type 2 diabetic, Laura of My 3 Ring Circus uses EasyLunchboxes to help her stick with her healthy eating plan. Read her story HERE.
  • Fear of food touching more common than you might think. It’s manageable with my compartmentalized containers. Read Molly’s story HERE.

I am truly humbled and grateful to realize that my EasyLunchboxes have allowed people with disabilities to have self-reliance and dignity during lunch.