Best Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids and Adults

how the boxes stack up!

Seven different manufacturers’ Bento Boxes and how they stack up. Our EasyLunchbox container is third from the bottom.

Melissa writes a very popular blog dedicated to making food fun with bento lunch box packing. Her cabinets are stocked with bento making supplies and bento boxes. She delights her four children (who actually get to eat her creations) and her many readers with appealing meals that she chronicles on an almost daily basis. She generously shares gorgeous pics, descriptions, hints, and tips on how we can all make our packed lunches as nice as hers. I just started purchasing a few supplies to try out some of her ideas, although I’m hoping my kids (who have infinitely more patience than me) will be the ones to jump into this culinary art form. (With lots of free time this summer, maybe I’ll make them earn TV privileges with it… Wanna watch Zack and Cody? Make tomorrow’s bento lunch for camp first!)

Melissa is writing an informative series about bento supplies called “Tools of The Trade”. Part 1 was dedicated to the cute bento picks used to hold food together and now Part 2 is all about her most used bento lunch boxes.

I’m delighted that EasyLunchboxes are one of her top pics!

EasyLuncbox Fiesta

Melissa’s Fiesta Bento is fresh and appealing

In her post, Melissa compares the size, functionality, ease of use, and a host of other details, noting both pros and cons of 7 of her bento boxes including EasyLunchboxes, Goodbyn, Laptop Lunches, “4 square” Lock & Lock box, Sassy Box, a medium “generic” bento box, and a small “generic” bento box.

If you’ve been wondering how EasyLunchboxes stack up against the others for your lunchbox, Melissa’s post will answer all your questions.

Warning: spending time on her blog may inspire you to turn lunch into art (or at least pack something yummy for tomorrow).