Believe in the Bento Fairy – a School Lunch Surprise

Yes Virginia, there really is a Bento Fairy

Her name is Keeley McGuire.  And yesterday, she spread her fairy dust over 25 elementary school kids in Kalamazoo, MI. She brought with her delicious bento lunches for all: turkey and cream cheese pinwheels, veggie straws, carrots with dip, grapes and watermelon, with a chocolate chip mini chocolate zucchini muffin for dessert.

If you think these kids are used to this kind of lunch, think again. These are children who live in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Kalamazoo. Children who are from families living below the poverty line. Their school, Tree of Life,  gets no government money and relies on volunteers and donations for everything, including  lunch.

” One little girl told me it was “the bestest lunch eva!” Melted my heart. Little did these kidlets know, I am the one that is thankful. They are a blessing to me – seeing them so happy and being able to do something special for them. ” – Keeley McGuire

Read Keeley’s full story HERE and see lots more pictures of this very special school lunch.

Keeley McGuire and her daughter

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