Back to School lunches pack a nutritious punch with Mini Babybel Cheese and CA Raisins [VIDEO]

Kelly Lester on set for EasyLunchboxes, Babybel, and CA Raisins

Satellite Media Tour – Packing School Lunches

Last week I was delighted to be invited back (by one of my favorite production companies, A-1 Broadcast) to appear on over two dozen morning news shows about back-to-school lunch packing.

This is all done in one studio (I got to make a quick trip from my home in Los Angeles to Atlanta) via satellite. The “technical” name for this kind of appearance is a Satellite Media Tour. For about 4 hours straight last Friday morning I chatted with TV and Radio newsfolk from all over the country for a few minutes each.

As back to school is just around the corner, parents everywhere are looking for ways to make packing lunches just a little easier, as well as nutritious. And of course, it helps if they pack foods their kids will actually like 🙂 So I shared some of my tips, as well as two of my fave lunch box foods – Mini Babybel Cheese and California Raisins.

Here’s one of the segments. (With Jason Feinberg of KVVU, Las Vegas)

Watch it!

PACK it!

Lunch with Eye-Appeal packed in EasyLunchboxes

Mini Babybel packed in school lunches

Close up on the stars of the day:

EasyLunchboxes, Mini Babybel Cheese, and CA Raisins for packing School Lunches

Kelly’s makeup by Melissa Merhar-Parker

Food Styling by Mallory deGolian

SMT produced by Beverly Brunston