AUTISM Reality Show to offer FREE help and answers for families

UPDATE! April, 2013: FIX IT IN FIVE premiers on the Autism Channel!

Lynette Louise Brain Broad for Autism. Click here to donate.

[dropcap] I [/dropcap] rarely post about causes and campaigns that are seeking donations. I’m sure your inbox is just as filled as mine with these heartfelt pleas, so it takes a lot for me to step up and add one more cause to your great “list of things I’d love to support if I had all the money in the world.” But this lady, Lynette Louise, really got to me. She got me to grab for my wallet last night as I watched her video. She even got me to write this blog post. Nope, I’ve never met her and she didn’t ask me to. Her video made me do it. In addition to the money I subsequently sent her, I figured the best thing I could do for her, for my many friends who’s lives are centered around a loved one with autism, and for the entire autistic community, would be to share what she’s doing, right here, with you. Her non-scripted series will bring her unique blend of play therapy, neurofeedback, and family dynamics training straight to struggling families via the internet.

Lynette is a friend of my brother Howard. He sent me this email last night:

“Hey Kelly – I know that you sometimes feature people on your blog who are doing extraordinary things. I know Lynette Louise from working with Harold Burke, a brain injury doctor, who was my piano student. Lynette is probably one of the world’s top experts in autism. She is raising money for a reality show to help people with brain disorders. Her creative touch and amazing skills are what make this project so worthwhile….”

Lynette had shared her video with Howard and wrote:

“…A small gift of $5 per person could make the difference and create an avenue of free information and hands-on help to families with brain disorders. Please watch and consider sharing $5 or more … as well as news about this exciting, true- life, non-scripted, brain-changing web series that needs your support!
I’m sharing it with you in the hopes that you might be able to also share it with folks you know. Write about it, shout about it, hail it to the heavens! This project is a great way to help brain-challenged folks get help for FREE, and I want to make that a reality. So… a reality show! And of course … if possible … please … donate a little to help get it going.”

Please watch, then click HERE to donate

[button_round color=”purple” url=”″] Click to donate [/button_round] Learn more about Louise Lynette and the work she does on her website,  on Brain & Body and via Lynette’s radio show.