Autism Live hosts Kelly Lester

Delighted to have been a guest on Autism Live this week, hosted by the incredible Shannon Penrod. We chatted about (what else?) my EasyLunchboxes and how they can make packing meals for your family a whole lot easier.

“My low-muscle-tone ASD child has had 7 years of independence and confidence at lunchtime thanks to EasyLunchboxes!” – @ludicrousmama, expert lunch packer. See all her lunches HERE.

“Among our two sets of twins is one child with high functioning autism. A lot of autistic kids can get in the habit of only wanting one meal, over and over again. My boy would easily fall into that habit if I let him, so I work hard not to.  I do make an effort to provide him with as much consistency and routine as possible, so he has predictability in his days. But with the lunches I actually do the opposite…”  – Lisa Marsh, who has posted 100s of packed lunch ideas at WHAT LISA COOKS.

Autism Live is an interactive web show providing support, free resources, information, facts, entertainment, and inspiration to parents, teachers, and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum.