What’s a Little Alfalfa Between Neighbors?

One of the best parts of running EasyLunchboxes is the friendships I’ve gained, having met people from all walks of life, from all over the country, thanks to the magic of the internet.

With a life so completely different from mine, it’s a wonder and a delight to me that I am now friends with a farmer’s wife who is young enough to be my daughter (ouch!) But there she is, on her small family farm in north Texas, outside of Dallas, doing such amazing things with her family and writing about her adventures in the most funny and engaging manner, that I always look forward to her emails, blog posts and more. Today, she happened to email me such a humorous story about life on her farm, that I wanted to share it with everyone. I asked her permission and she replied, “But … what does this have to do with lunch boxes?” Well, nothing really, but since most people have a lot more on their mind than lunch boxes,  let’s just put this into the category of  “everyone loves a funny story” and it will fit right in 🙂

Alina Joy’s Story (Undercover):

Pssst! Hi! It’s me from the Good Old Days Farm… writing incognito today. I’m wearing my dark sunglasses, fedora hat and long trench coat so that I’ll blend into the crowd and nobody will know it’s really me… That’s how they do it in the movies, right?

I was telling Kelly this morning about something funny that happened on our farm yesterday. I can’t post this on my own blog for reasons that will become obvious when I tell the story, so Kelly has graciously invited me me to post it on her blog.

Yesterday, I was folding laundry when one of my little farmhands (That’s what I call my children!) came and said to me, “Somebody is cutting our grass.” I said, “No, that’s the neighbor cutting his own grass.” I had seen him mowing his yard a few minutes earlier. The little farmhand thought for a moment and said, “Well, why is their grass on our side of the fence?” So I looked out and sure enough, the neighbor had decided to come over and cut some of our lawn after he had finished his own.

Now isn’t that nice? I mean, it was over 90 degrees yesterday. He could have gone inside to relax and instead he decided to come on over and help us out. He’s definitely a great neighbor! Although between you and I, the men on my street like cutting grass. Out here people cut their lawns with big tractors and bush hogs, so cutting grass is a very manly thing to do. (**beat on chest and make terrible pirate noises like “Aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh!** right here.)

Now, if you’re not familiar with my blog, we live way out in the country. We grow our own fruit and vegetables. We have honeybees. And we blog about it. But I don’t think our neighbor realizes what we’re doing over here. In a way, they are city people who sleep in the country… just like we were back when Papa the Farmer was a software engineer who commuted back and forth to the city every day.

Alfalfa, we Hardly Knew Ye

So our dear neighbor had no way of knowing that we are raising a small crop of alfalfa. Papa the Farmer has been babying the alfalfa for months now and it is finally at the point where it is starting to flower! In the next few weeks the bees will be using alfalfa nectar to make sweet delicious honey which we can enjoy all winter long! Then the alfalfa goes to seed and reseeds itself naturally so we don’t have to purchase the seeds again next year. Nor could our wonderful neighbor know what alfalfa looks like… which is understandable… not everybody knows what alfalfa looks like! So when our neighbor came over yesterday to surprise us by mowing our lawn…. Well, we got a surprise all right… Our helpful neighbor mowed over and destroyed Papa the Farmer’s alfalfa crop!!!

Ah, the perils of farming.

The Moral of the Story

Um, neither of us has come up with a moral for this story. (I asked Alina Joy what the moral is and she wrote to me, “Moral of the story… Um….  “The road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions”???  No, don’t write THAT!  “If you want something done right you better do it yourself”???  Um, maybe that doesn’t sound so grateful… lol!  Um….  “Boy Scouts should ASK the little old lady before they help cross the street and friendly neighbors should ASK the farmer before they mow his crop over?”  Oh dear, that doesn’t exactly come across as polite and grateful either!  ROFLOL!  =)

What do YOU think the moral is??? If we can’t come up with one, we’re just going to keep laughing. I mean, does something funny actually need to have something attached to it besides a smile?