Lose Weight with Portion Controlled Packed Lunches

pack lunch and lose weight with portion controlled meals packed in easylunchboxes

Can EasyLunchboxes help you lose weight?

Renee B. recently posted this question to our lunch-packing community via Facebook:

“Does anyone use EasyLunchboxes for their work lunches? I am currently on Weight Watchers, so this looks like a great way to portion control and pre-pack, but I’m wondering if it’s not big enough for an adult and more geared toward kids?”

Lunch packers weigh in:

“I use them for my husband Shaun (active duty soldier). They hold plenty for him, although I’ll often pack whole fruits (apples, bananas, oranges) in the bag, not the box.” – Military wife Shannon Carino, who writes BentoLunch.net (see top pic).

“I don’t use them for Weight Watchers, but they are perfect for adult lunches and portion control!” – Astrid Lague (Lunches fit for a kid).

daddy's lunch packed in an EasyLunchbox

“My husband uses them all the time…and he’s 6’2 and 280 lbs. it’s plenty big!”Erin Walker (Feeling a Little Lunchy)

Husband's Lunch
“GREAT for portion control. Instead of just grabbing the whole bag of chips or cookies or whatever, I can only include a few. I put silicone muffin cups in there to make my “treats” portion sizes even smaller, while making them still look “full.” Plus they add a splash of color, which makes meals look more appetizing. Studies with kids show that they think the same exact foods are “tastier” when presented with a variety of colors.” – Kendra Peterson (Biting the Hand That Feeds you)

Biting the hand that feeds you packs lunches in EasyLunchboxes

“It’s hard going from just eating “whenever” and making the conscious decision to regularly feed your body through out the day … and with healthy food choices. But, to keep my metabolism burning, I have to ensure I am staying fueled. It was a hard concept to embrace, but it is true: frequent, small (and healthy) meals through out the day do MORE to help you lose weight than just consuming three meals a day … 

To help me, I decided to start packing lunches and snacks for myself … Having snacks and lunches ready to go in the fridge — perfectly portioned — makes it SO much simpler to stay on top of eating.” – Rachel of Following in my Shoes.

Want more ideas for portion controlled adult lunches?
Click on Rachel’s image:

Simple ideas for healthy grown up packed lunches │ EasyLunchboxes

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