7 school lunch packing tips from a mom of 7

school lunch packing tips with #easylunchboxes

So I KNOW I’m not the only one who hates is not a fan of making lunches in the morning. And I only have THREE kids. Stacey has SEVEN!!! Four are in school already and it’ll be five this fall…

So this smart mom got it all figured out: Stacey gets the kids to help, and they prep stuff in advance.
(You’re doing that too, right?) This really avoids morning chaosSmile

School lunch packing tips

Stacey wrote up a bunch of great tips on her blog, Stacey’s Mothering Moments, all about her family’s lunch-packing routine. Looks like things are super organized in her house!

She says:

“Each child chooses a lunch from the menu and helps with the preparation. It teaches them responsibility, gets them excited for lunch and teaches them cooking skills all at the same time.”

Check out all her tips HERE.

And here’s a peek at what lunch packing looks like in her house:

hot pockets for lunchboxes

Be sure to visit Stacey’s blog for all her lunch packing tips and tricks!

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