5 things I love about EasyLunchboxes

5 reasons why EasyLunchboxes are my hands down favorite for packing lunches

“It’s easy to see why these are my favorites”

I am continually humbled by the accolades and support I receive for my EasyLunchboxes from so many bento bloggers and other members of our lunch-packing community. Daily, incredible pics & recipes, featuring easy ideas for delicious and creative lunch box meals are shared all over the internet.

But today, I just kinda teared up when I read this “love letter” about my simple containers
It’s by Jessie of Chaos and Confections. Included in the reasons why she says that ELBs are her favorites are these:

  • Easy to use. They are aptly named! 
  • Great size. 
  • Fantastic company.
  • Excellent price.

Jessie McCuskerJessie is a mom of 5 (!), so she really needs a lunch packing system that works for her. I’m just delighted to know that what I’ve created, truly helps this very busy lady!

Read Jessie’s full post about her love for ELBs HERE.

Jessie’s expert bento lunch packing skills were really put to the test when she traveled with her family. As seen in her “Tips for Bento-ing while on vacation” post, she managed to make and pack meals for her family of 7, even while on the road.

You can bet that saved them a lot of money!

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