3 Lunch Packing Experts Share Top Tips on Fox News Radio

EasyLunchboxes on Fox News Radio │ A+ School Lunch Ideas

How to pack lunch boxes so they come home empty

Fox News Radio’s Lilian Huang Woo gets us the skinny on packing A+ school lunches. You’ll hear tips on simple ways to pack meals that score high in looks, taste and nutrition.

3 good friends of mine – all parents of young kids, share some of their best and doable ideas.

Wendy Copley, Beau Coffron, & Laura Fuentes share school lunch packing tips

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Everyday Bento author Wendy Copely of Wendolonia, Laura Fuentes, creator of Momables, and author of The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planetand Beau Coffron, AKA Lunchboxdad, and author of Adventures in Lunchboxing, chat about how to build lunches your kids will look forward to eating.