3 Healthy lunch box ideas for teens – [VIDEO] tutorial

3 healthy lunch box ideas for teens - VIDEO tutorial

High school student Stephanie packs lunch!

Stephanie (aka @StunnerBabe15) is an 11th grade YouTube sensation. Super talented when it comes to all things video, she’s also keenly aware of her health and loves to pack nutritious lunches!

I LOVE this video she just posted, showing everyone what she packs in my EasyLunchboxes 🙂
She is too cute!

3 School Lunch Recipe Tutorials Included

  • Peanut Butter Apple Wraps*
  • Thai Curry Chicken Sandwich
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad

*If your school has gone nut-free or you have a nut allergy, please substitute the peanut butter with a nut-butter alternative

All recipes are under 650 calories.

“The meals are balanced. The desserts are little treats. Considering what most schools sell for dessert, these are healthy ALTERNATIVES. I know from being on a diet and losing 20 lbs that you CANNOT restrict yourself. That being said, all the treats I showed are less than a serving size. The chocolates were dark chocolate which actually has benefits and they were half a serving (100 calories). The little oreos were MINI and they were also less than a serving (150 calories). The mini brownies were also a serving size (150 calories). Lastly, the chips I showed in the 2nd meal were Special K and they were 1/3 of a serving (100 calories). That being said, I wanted to show you guys how to pack a healthy lunches by showing you healthier ALTERNATIVES to school lunches and what they offer at schools. Clearly, you can switch anything out if that’s what your heart desires. I wanted to show you guys a meal, a side, and a little treat. All of the sides are less than 100 calories, all the treats are under 150 calories, and all the meals were around 400 calories.” – Stephanie


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