14 Bento lunches working moms can put together quickly

Everyone eats lunch.

Bento Lunches slide show on WorkingMother.com

And working moms pack lunches too.

I’m excited to have my EasyLunchboxes featured in this fun slide show on WorkingMother.com! 10 of my bento packin’ mama friends lunches were included. I actually sent in a few more than they requested, but alas, they only had space for ten.

Here are the other YUMables I submitted that I know you’ll enjoy seeing too:

Family Fresh Cooking DIY Lunchables

DIY Lunchables

From Marla of FamilyFreshCooking.com – “Instead of purchasing overpriced, over processed “kid food” we make it way more nutritious and fabulous with DIY Lunchable style meals. Fresh organic fruits, veggies, artisan salami, whole grain crackers, and nitrate-free deli meats make this the perfect lunch box for kids and adults.”

***Looking for more healthy and delicious lunch box meals? Check out the handy PDF 30 Days of Lunchbox Meals on FamilyFreshCooking.com


Whats for Lunch VALENTINE


From Shannon of What’s for Lunch at our house:
“A ham and cheese sandwich, with a decorated top of layered hearts. Carrot hearts can be made by cutting a baby carrot on a diagonal and rotating half to form a heart. Use a toothpick to hold it together.  Served here with strawberries and vanilla yogurt with some cute heart sprinkles.”


Hiccupotomus Bento Lunch from Biting the hand that feeds you

HICCUPotamus Lunch

From Kendra of Biting the Hand That Feeds you:
“A quick, easy lunch to go with one of her favorite books…. I cut my bread with a hippo-shaped cookie cutter and then spread peanut butter and Nutella on them. Her hippo shares lunch with carrots, broccoli, and Plum Organics Puffs. I used re-usable silicone containers to separate the strawberries, grapes, and cherries, and a little plastic heart box for the Ranch dip.”


Bobbi Bento s Poison Apple

(Don’t worry. This one is just make-believe!)
from Bobbi of Bobbi’s Bentos:

“Make your favorite sandwich. Cut out a crown shape using The Lunch Punch. Adding a cucumber in the heart keeps eating healthy fun. The poison apple was created by inserting a gummy worm into a cored apple. What a lunch surprise! This lunch also includes spinach and yogurt with sprinkles.”

Visit WorkingMother.com to see all the rest and get some more easy and fun lunch packing ideas your kids will love!