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“What I love most about these containers and lunch boxes is that we have room for everything! We've been using these for a year. Love how there is room for a drink, ice packs, fruit, snacks and anything else after the container goes inside! We will be stacking 3 in one bag for the beach this summer. Containers are very durable, lids stay put and so easy for my daughter to use! The lunch ladies always rave about her healthy lunches and her cool gear!”

—Andrea Rosengarten, via our Facebook wall

“Hi Kelly—

I am sure you get many a thank you as your product is just so great, though I couldn’t go another day without adding mine to the list.

Today was only our second day of school this year. I am loving packing my son’s lunch in your lunch box and he loves eating it. The three sections are perfect to keep me on track and balanced in giving him a good variety of healthy foods and so easy. He loves having all of his lunch available with one easy lid and no need to lay a napkin down on the table to keep things clean as the container does that for us.

Your product is perfect and such a reasonable price for not only one but for four! We love it! We also love that it is earth friendly. Well worth every penny.

Thanks also for passing along so many fun ideas for healthy lunches. You are a lifesaver times ten!”

—Susan S., Snoqualmie, WA

“I wanted to share with you. My co-worker’s mother was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She had her first chemo treatment this week. My co-worker told me about how her mom had packed a ton of food, knowing they had an 11 hour day ahead of them. She packed it all in plastic bags! I had a set of ELBs here that I had not yet opened and a cooler bag also. I brought them into her so they could pack their lunches for the long chemo days. Her mom just called me to thank me. She wanted to thank me herself because, not only was she glad that I had thought of her, but she was so impressed with the ELBs! One of the side effects of her chemo is neuropathy. She is having difficulty using her hands/fingers and the ELBs are still easy enough for her to get the cover off on her own. She lives by herself. Now, my co-worker can pack her mom dinners in the ELBs, and she can get it ready on her own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful product.”

—Dina Berlo, What the Girls are Having

“Hey Kelly! I just wanted to let you know that I received my ELB's today and they are even better than I imagined... I always read all the stuff comparing yours to the ziploc brand (which I do have), and now I see why people are raving about yours versus theirs. I LOVE the colorful lids, the boxes themselves are so much stronger and durable, and I really like the size of them. I'm very excited to use them.”

—Jill Dubien of Meet the Dubiens

“I received my EasyLunchBoxes on Saturday!!! WhooHoo! I love them and what a difference from the Ziplock ones. I handed my 2 yr old son the Ziplock box and asked him to take the lid off (this was infront of my hubby) and my son couldn't get the lid off. Then I handed him your lunch box and asked him to do the same... It came off like a charm! Needless to say the hubby was impressed too!!! ;) Thanks!!”

—Shannon Drake Rodrigues via our Facebook wall.

“I ordered your containers and lil dippers a few weeks ago when I (re)committed to packing lunches for my kids. I have been very, very impressed at how quickly I can pack three kid lunches and one for myself! Besides saving time the compartments help me pack balanced meals with appropriate portion sizes. Your product has helped me with my commitment and will most certainly help me stay on track in the future! Also love your photo updates on facebook that have inspired most of the lunches I've packed! We thank you!!!! :-)”

—Kaitlyn Marquart, via our Facebook wall

“This is our new favorite! is the current winner in our lunchbox system review. This company offers the perfect lunch-making solution with their ultra easy-to-use containers and carrying bags. The containers are durable and made of high-quality materials. The clever design of one lid and one bottom with three food compartments makes clean up a breeze! The carrying bags are also very high quality and come in fun fashion colors. They’re roomy enough to include other lunch essentials like an ice block, water bottle, thermos, additional snacks, or even a second container! This is an adaptable and well-designed product that will actually save you lots of time. The product is priced so reasonably that you can buy a set of four cheaper than a single lunchbox from many competing companies!”

Lunchbox Reviews
Sound Feelings Publishing

“When I first heard of EasyLunchboxes, I thought to myself, ‘Really? How hard are regular lunchboxes that this one claims to be easy?’ You know what? They really do make lunch packing SO much easier! The three compartments are so convenient, not just for me prepping the food but for my kids eating the food. They love how they just need to open one container and everything is there--no bags or smaller containers to deal with. My husband & I use them for our own lunches and they are fantastic for portion control. Love that the lid covers come in so many different colors as do the insulated cooler bags.”

—Esther Pascal,
Lunchbox Love

"I am super picky about lunch containers and these are by far my favorite. I know they are technically not leak proof but they do a pretty darn good job at it. I put applesauce and yogurt in it and it's fantastic! Usually I will take the Glad press and seal and seal over the top of them for extra security but there's times I don't. I'm also a huge fan of yours on Pinterest for the lunch ideas. It has made making lunches so much easier. I let the kids pick out what they want the night before and I don't have to worry about making it and if they will eat it. They eat all of it because it's what they chose. So again, I'm a little obsessed but your product is amazing."

—Natalie Reyna, Rockwall, Tx

“We have a whole slew of Easy Lunchboxes for our family of eight. We take them to college, school classes, picnics, park days, outings, field trips, work, etc. They are practical, lightweight, and easy to clean. The insulated coolers are big enough to hold two Easy Lunchbox containers, plus fruit, a drink, a cookie, napkin, silverware, ice pack, etc. When my college kids are going to be gone all day for classes/studying/tests, they will pack one full of healthy foods and an ice pack. It holds enough for the whole day, saves them loads of money, and keeps them healthy! If these ever failed -- and they aren't close, going strong many years with much abuse -- I would buy them again in a heartbeat. Great investment!”

— review by Alison Moore Smith of Pix2Brix

“LOVE them... I cannot say enough GREAT things about this company. Very very fast shipping and AWESOME communication. Wish most companies would have the same great customer service. Thanks!!”

—Kim Woolf via our Facebook Wall

”I have to tell you that your products are most definitely the most efficient system that I have ever had the opportunity to use. It is so refreshing being able to put everything into one box and be done with it. Sandwich? Check! Healthy Snack? Check! Small treat? Check! Its just that easy. They make it so easy to make a healthy lunch happen. Sadly, 2 weeks ago, my daughter's entire backpack (complete with her Easy Lunch Boxes System and library book) was stolen from the playground before school started. So we've temporarily gone back to using the old ziploc containers to pack her lunches. Its been so much more difficult with portion control, and the other day she snuck 2 extra chocolate covered granola bars into her lunch! When using the Easy Lunch Box system I always allow her to pack her small treat herself.... and if it doesn't fit in the smallest compartment, well, its not going into her lunch!”

—Jaime Stephens, Canada

“I love mine, and wish I had a dozen more! They are perfect for dieters...easy portion control!”

—Elizabeth N. via our Facebook Wall

“I just wanted to let you know how much my son loves his easy lunchbox. Originally, I bought the Laptop Lunchbox, but I couldn't even open it myself -- so I didn't think my children could! It was expensive and now is in the bottom of a closet somewhere.. When I came across the easy lunchbox, I was skeptical. I thought the easy lunchbox was going to be a divided piece of Gladware, but it's sooooo much better, especially since the top is also sectioned so nothing gets mixed together. I put it in the top rack of my dishwasher and it cleans beautifully. I'm just thankful I'm not washing a bunch of little pieces of Tupperware -- this is so much easier. My son is 8 years old and has a huge appetite but I'm still able to pack nice-sized portions including a small hero sandwich, sliced fruit, and some pretzels. I think it encourages variety as well and I haven't served him the same thing twice all week. Next week, my 4 yr old daughter starts school and I know she'll love her easy lunchbox, too. Thank you for a great product! All the best with your company!”

—Delia P.

“Absolutely the best lunchbox and bag ever! My sons have used theirs for over 2 years and plan on using it again this school year. They have held up great and we use them for the park, beach and road trips. Thanks for making a great product!”

—Amy P. via our Facebook Wall

“I really LOVE your EasyLunchboxes! Who would have ever guessed that I’d be so thrilled about something as simple as that? They make packing for our kids so much easier, and my kids manage to eat everything in their lunch at school! I attribute it to your lunchbox (ok, and their appetite too)! :)”

Julie Yip, Houston, TX

“Our Easylunchbox arrived and we are in love, Love, LOVE!!! Where has this been all my life?!?! Kelly, you are brilliant! Every child needs one of these :) My son was smiling ear to ear! He has lost 10 lbs this Summer and this was like a huge, mega award for him. He's already telling me which healthy snack goes in which compartment. No more junkie school lunches in our home.”

—Belinda Harrington

“Your lunchboxes are great for children with disabilities. My daughter is 5 and in kindergarten. She has cerebral palsy and has a full time aide at school. We send Claire to school with your easy lunchboxes every day. Claire is able to get the lid off with little help and then has her entire lunch in front of her. So easy. It makes her more independent, at least at the lunch table. Thank you for creating what seems like a simple product, but is so helpful. They also make it easy for my 8 year old son to pack his own lunch every morning. Once he has the compartments filled, he is ready to go.”

—Rebecca Dula via our Facebook Wall

“I have had mine for over a year now. They are dishwasher safe. No they do not seal, however remember the market for Easy Lunchbox: school. If the lids were spill proof then ‘Johnny’ would not be able to open them up at school. I think they are great way to portion control, add variety, to my diet and as a result I have lost 20 Lbs using these along with a healthy diet and exercise.”

—David Korley

“Just wanted to share that we are gearing up for our first swim team meet tomorrow and we will be packing our Easy Lunchboxes to take with us. We fill them with fruit/veggies & healthier snacks so that we don't have to spend all our $$ on the concession items. They are perfect for the kids to hold in their laps and eat from without having to juggle a bunch of containers while waiting to swim. Easy Lunchboxes are great for more than just lunch time!”

—Brenda Thompson

“Easy Lunch Boxes has opened a whole new world for us!! I was hesitant after several unsuccessful attempts packing my kids lunches, we tried different bags, coolers, containers and nothing seemed to work, then I took a ‘leap’ and got some ELBs and I am so glad I did! The containers are so easy to use for my kids, sturdy and fun! I feel good now knowing what my kids are eating, how much and the fact that it is good for them too! I love the fact their lunches are kept up right in their ELB coolers and there is room in the coolers for their lunch, ice pack, drink and extras!! And what outstanding customer service!!! Thanks so much for an outstanding product Kelly!”

—Melanie Ripley Lapsley via our Facebook Wall

“Absolutely love your product! Functional, strong, awesome product and I have ordered and used a ton of products. Yours withstands, and is the best from the bunch! Thank you for creating a great product and for being so down to earth and professional. I so totally appreciate your communication style and attitude. Going green for me is all of us working together, and you certainly have created an awesome, down to earth product that those of us moms that care, can appreciate.”

—JJ, Denver, CO

“Just wanted to take a quick second to say thank you for creating such a great product. I purchased my box about a year ago and absolutely love it! I am a school teacher and try to bring my lunch as often as possible since it is so much healthier and cheaper. Your lunch boxes make it so easy to fix a nutritious lunch, plus have room for extra snacks and drinks without being too bulky. Even my students ask where it got! Thanks again for such a great way to eat better!”

—Dawn Fabre

“I just wanted to write and say how impressed I am with the Easy Lunchbox containers and the cooler bags that I ordered!..I am very very pleased with the quality of the containers and how big each section is. The cooler bags are also high quality and after you add one container, there is plenty of room for a cooler block or 2, a couple of drinks and extra snacks. My children are on a balanced day lunch schedule at school, meaning they have a nutrition break in the morning and the afternoon. It has been a struggle finding a lunch bag to fit all of the food I have to pack that would fit in their backpacks. Easy Lunchboxes have solved that problem :).... I am looking forward to easier lunch packing this year. I am also going to order a couple of bags and another set of containers for my husband and I so we can can easily pack lunches when we are out for the day...”

—Peggy Ledden, Ontario, Canada

“...THANK YOU! I have agonized over buying stainless steel containers, sent in my glass containers praying to God no one gets hurt and felt like a terrible mother sending their stuff in baggies! This is PERFECT, you make me look like a rock star mom, so THANK YOU again! Brilliant, just brilliant!”

—Stacey Knights Pellciano

“I don't usually post reviews etc. but I have to say — Easy Lunchboxes are magical. My son just started JK in September and it was a struggle everyday to get him to eat his lunch — I would take ideas from this site and he would have 1 bite of something. We went through all of September and most of October trying everything. So I ordered the Easy Lunchboxes and wouldn't you believe — he eats EVERYTHING I pack everyday!! Lunches are now easy and fun for not only him, but me too! Thank you”

—Dyana Marks via Facebook

“I just found your website while shopping for back-to-school lunch boxes for my two boys, and I am INCREDIBLY impressed. The containers are perfect, I can’t tell you how excited I am to think of a school year without that dreaded wrestling of plastic bags in the morning. I really hate plastic bags. Too expensive, cheap in quality, and then you run out and pay too much for another box. Not to mention the fact that they don’t get recycled. Your lunch ideas are fantastic too. I am very put out when I have to give my son’s cafeteria precious quarters for a lunch that I know he’ll only eat half of. When I pack from home, I pack what I KNOW he’ll eat, and I’m definitely going to borrow some of your sandwich ideas. They are clever, clever! Your containers are great because they help feed our children smart and healthy food, and that’s the best we can do for them when they are away from us at school....I had to tell you how great your website is. Keep it up.”

—Kris Bates

“LOVE these. Best lunchbox I've used. I started to notice that my daughter wasn't eating her lunch due to her containers being too hard to open. The ‘easy lunchboxes’ are so easy to open, she has no problems at all, YAY! I've ordered 2 sets of the lunch boxes & I even use them myself now.”

—J. Tidwell, Amazon purchase

“I packed my husband's lunch in an easylunchbox container! Normally, I cringe at the idea of having to scoop leftover dinner into several tupperware containers. But it only took me a few minutes to use your system...he is very grateful as his tired wife will still have the energy to get a lunch together for him. LOL.”

—Richele McFarlin, OH

“...I wasn't sure I would use them every day. I didn't think they were ‘cute’ enough for the girl's lunch. I have totally changed my mind. I have used them (for mostly my own lunches) since I got them, and have bought a couple more sets of containers for summer use with my brother and his kids, and gave some to my mother-in-law for her outings with the kids, and she also uses them for my father-in-law's lunches. They clean up so easily, and are totally dishwasher safe. That makes life a whole lot easier. None of my other containers are really dishwasher safe. The containers are also very sturdy. That's a huge plus.”

—Astrid L., Colchester, VT

“..I have had mine for a few months now and could not be happier with how they have withstood the wear and tear we have put them through. This is my number one choice for kids lunch boxes.”

—Nancy K., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“I thought for sure my graduating 5th grader would stop taking your product to Middle School in the fall. I was wrong and she was offended. Her response: ‘Mom, I don't take them because they are easy to open. I take them because it is less waste and organized. I don't have 5 little baggies all over the place. It's better for the environment. If anyone has a problem with it I don't care. Geesh mom. Can I have the orange bag for next year?’”

—Nancy T, posted on our Facebook Wall

“I can't wait to get my order from you! If I have to wash one more Laptop Lunch piece, I am going on strike from lunches. LOL I have no idea what I was thinking with those things. God Bless them, but if you pack three lunches a day, that's a lot of pieces."

—Miranda Sacvoie, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

"Had to tell you I'm having so much fun packing my kids lunches with our new Easy Lunch Boxes! It's encouraged me to be more creative, it's stopped me from overwhelming them with too much food which makes for less waste. Only one container for them to open means they start eating sooner which again makes for less waste! I love them... I would recommend your product to everyone"

—Tracy Marshall via our Facebook Wall

“I take my lunch to work everyday and the problem I was running into was being able to fit lots of different containers into one lunch box. I actually had resorted to carrying my lunch in a reusable shopping bag because it was the only thing that worked for me. But your lunch box fits two of your containers comfortably with my ice pack so I can easily take my breakfast and lunch to work and ditch my grocery bag. In my honest opinion, this lunchbox is great. It cut down on the amount of containers I would have to wash each day and allowed me to keep my meals together.”

—Lindsay P., Charleston, SC

“I can’t believe how inexpensive they are – that is awesome…”

—Jenn Givler

"My 7-year old son used the orange lunch bag for the first time yesterday. After I picked him up from school I asked him what he thought. His response: ‘that was the easiest lunchbox ever.’ And, no, he didn't know the brand name in advance..."

—Jana Campbell, Ontario, Canada

“...Great customer service! And, by the way, I had been looking at ‘Laptop Lunches.’ In discussing it with my husband, he said he didn’t think they were a good idea. #1 was the cost. He said they sound too trendy by their price tag and we’re looking for practical. They also have the ‘bento boxes’ inside that he was afraid would get thrown out accidentally. So I googled and found you! Perfect! I had looked for some of the Ziploc containers with similar compartments but they are flimsy cheap plastic. I love that yours are just 2 pieces. Our son will be in 1st grade next year (the oldest of our 3 children) and last year he had problems remember which parts of his lunch box he could toss and which needed to come home and be washed. Not to mention his lunch box was Thomas the Train and did not fit all the containers. Just like you say in your video, it was a new puzzle to figure out every morning. He gets cold lunch every day and with 1st grade he’ll be in school every day. Your items are EXACTLY what I was looking for! And your items are affordable enough that the little sisters can have lunch just like their big brother! I’ll be back for a 3rd lunch tote soon! Oh, another thing, about LL. Given the size of the LL, you pretty much need to use their lunch box. And it only gives enough room for the ice and a drink bottle. I really love that ELBs have plenty of room for a banana or other fruit along with the drink and ice brick.”

—Dawn, Wanamingo, MN

“I have to tell you my second grader has ADD. For the past two years, he would bring home a lunchbox full of food and tell me he didn't have time to eat. I started using your Easy Lunchboxes and he eats! It so easy for him to open the lid and start eating right away. He has even gained weight which is a huge triumph for me! THANK YOU!!!!”

—S. Cross, Fresno, CA

“I’ve been using the lunchboxes for my son’s lunches since I’ve received my order... I can't tell you how happy I am with this system! It is perfect for him, he’s 5 & the container is very easy for him to manuever. His sandwich stays very fresh (with any leftovers brought home the bread is still nice & soft ) & there is SO Much ROOM for extras! I’ve been utilizing the idea of tucking extras in silicone muffin cups. He now tends to eat MORE because he just is opening ONE container & everything is right there - all ready to eat out of... He loves robots & I ended up using fabric glue to glue some robot appliques on the lunch box...... we will use them all summer long for trips to the amusement parks & zoos & sporting events.”

—Jonie D.

“I found your products through a blog and was very excited to order. As a Mom to 4 kids and a husband who is in college & working, your Easy Lunch Boxes are a wonderful product for our family. We have a couple of kids who cannot stand for their food to touch each other and your lunch boxes have individualized compartments to prevent ‘touching food.’ The best part to me is that you also sell the lunch bags that hold the Easy Lunch Boxes. I can't tell you how many times I have become frustrated in the morning trying to figure out how to get plastic containers & a cooler into lunch boxes for the kids. Plus, since they stack so easily, we can put several of them in a bag or two and be set for a family picnic! EasyLunchboxes is definitely making my life easier as a Mom to 4 kids and a family of 6.”

—L. Williamson Diamond Lake, OR

“We did our first big outing to the children’s museum and I packed our lunches with your containers...and the friend I was with wanted to know immediately where I got them and a stranger came right over and asked where I got them. So I shared the website, that was wonderfully on the lid. Loved that all three fit in the cooler!”

—Sarah W., Savage, MN

“I’m a homeschool mom who uses these to pack all our gluten free, casein free foods in. Both of my boys ages 8 and 4 have food allergies as well so we have to make sure we always have safe foods on hand. I use them so much that another set is needed =) I continue to get asked where I got this cool system and have referred several friends to their site. I love them and they make packing breakfasts, lunches,dinners,snacks so much easier!! This is great for us as we also have several therapy appointments during the week so if they have to eat a breakfast or lunch on the drive they can! =) “

—Rachel Sanchez, via Half-Pint House Handouts

“I gave my daughter (age7) the Ziploc container in her lunch box one day and she requested to have your containers again because the Ziploc lid was too hard to get off. I also tried the cling plastic wrap on the wet fruit section of the lunch box and it's working to keep the liquids where they should be. All is good again in lunchville! LOL thanks!!!!”


“I bought your EasyLunchBoxes in order to fulfill my daughters (ages 7 & 9) desire (with a little prompting from Mommy) to go waste-free for school lunches. There is no lunch program at their school so the girls need to have a lunch and snack everyday. This equalled a lot of plastic baggies! While I expected less waste, I didn't expect EasyLunchBoxes to save me time. It takes an enormous amount of time to find, open, fill and close a bunch of little plastic baggies for 10 lunches and 10 snacks a week. But by using the EasyLunchBoxes all I do is open the container, drop in the food, pop on the top and throw a yogurt in the bag along with the container and I'm done. It's less waste and less time. As an added bonus, the girls are actually eating all their lunch! Before they'd bring home most of the baggies unopened and uneaten. Now lunch is fun, easily accessible and gobbled up. Thanks for such a wonderful product.”

—Alice, Mom of 2 Happy Waste-Free Dids

“Hello Kelly — I did not know that when I called your toll free number a few days ago, that I would speak to you directly, instead of the one of the ‘29 helpers’ I thought you had, lol!! I received the replacement blue cooler in the mail promptly, as you promised. I am a woman running a business as well, and know how hard it is to do it all! I am amazed by your lunch boxes and they have saved me SO MUCH time in the mornings and I MUST thank you for it…morning has been more of a pleasure now....Thanks SO much for making my life easier in a small but meaningful way!”

—Sabrina Madabhushi, Pharm.D.
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

“We used your lunch system on a recent trip to the zoo and I was pleasantly surprised to realize I could stack 3 of the sealed containers one on top of the other and they all fit into the lunch bag! Not only was it eco-friendly but also took up less space than our previously used lunch storage! This is helpful when I get stuck lugging all the gear through the zoo as they are ‘too tired.’”

—Jennifer K., St Clair Shores, MI

“I am a nutritional therapist and a mom to a 6-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl. I have to say, your lunchboxes have made my life infinitely easier! My kids love them so much that they’ve started packing their own ‘lunchable’ lunches, without all the artificial colors, nitrates and preservatives. I have been recommending them to all my clients...”

—Jodi S.

“I received my order of 3 lunch box systems two weeks ago. I just had to tell you how absolutely fabulous they are! This has made my life so much easier. Not only can I pack lunch in one container, I also have room in my bag for the coolie and my snacks for the day (no more using the scary refrigerator at work). My daughter was amazed how easy and fun it was to pack her lunch, too! I love that I can put leftovers in a couple of these and then stick them in the freezer to take for lunch later on. It’s better than a store-bought frozen dinner! I know exactly what’s in these meals. Having 3 separate compartments really makes me think about what I need to add for a nutritious lunch. And there are no wasted plastic baggies OR the bother of multiple containers to wash!”

 —Suzanne H., Wichita, Kansas

“Your products are great and have made my life as a busy mum of three so much easier! We have used them every day for a whole year and only now are they starting to crack. The best product I've used and it saved me so much hassle with cling film/plastic bag wrapping! Well done on a simple but effective product design!”

—Niki Jordaan via our FACEBOOK wall

“I have looked at the Lands End 2 compartment lunch bags... but really prefer our Easy Lunch Boxes! I really feel like they keep the food cold the longest and I love how i can throw them in washing machine on delicate (and sometimes not delicate bc i forget haha!) Finally after about 3 years of daily use and washing, I just ordered some new bags! I can't believe they have held up for this long (they are still in good condition!) and cost a fraction of what most lunch boxes (that don't even insulate properly!) And the ELB containers are amazing...I don't think we could destroy them if we tried haha! I just ordered a set of the new colors, not bc we needed too...we just love them!”

—Andrea Rosengarten via our FACEBOOK wall

“I was very impressed with the quality of these heavy-duty containers, they are not flimsy like some of the storage options at the grocery store. I like the fact that each container has a different colored lid, so the kids can tell which one is ‘theirs.’”


“I’ve been meaning to write a THANK YOU post for a while now, but it seems every time I start typing I hear MOM! or HONEY?! LOL! I purchased your easylunchboxes at the beginning of summer and I must say they are the best things ever! We've taken them to the beach, the lake, the local pool and aquatic center. My boys LOVE that their food isn’t ‘touching’ and we are no longer using the plastic lunch bags (we're trying to ‘go green’). They are so simple and super easy to pack all 4 of us yummy lunches! THANK YOU!!”

—Rebecca Childers
via our

“We love the lunch boxes! I made a weekend's worth of food for my daughter's juvenile arthritis camp/conference in June and was able to use the Easy Lunch Box containers to take food with us to the camp cafeteria so my daughter could eat with her friends instead of in the dorm room (where the attendees all stay). I love that I could carry two meals in one lunch box!”

—Susan C, Dallas, TX

“Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. It has helped me in so many ways. My family eats so much healthier for not only lunches, but also breakfast and dinners too. My boys LOVE eating any meal out of their lunch trays and they voluntarily eat balanced meals because of them. I was a little bummed to have to give up their cute Crocodile Creek lunchboxes, but I found a way to spruce up the ELB bags and they love them. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful product. We literally use them every day.”

—Carrie Bell

“We love our Easy Lunch Boxes and find they are very durable in the dishwasher, even on the lower rack. We have four persons taking lunches in them often. One thing I love is the EASE OF OPENING!... Thanks for pioneering this product for so many families wanting simple, safe, less wasteful lunch supplies!”

—Merrilee R., Georgia

“Your lunchboxes have changed my lunch making habits for my children. I'm so happy that I found your lunch containers and at a reasonable price! I'm sooo inspired to make my children's lunch look cute and appetizing within reason as I work full time. I think hubby is getting a little jealous and has asked me to start making his lunch too.”

—Tina Saulsberry

“I just got my containers and cooler bag in the mail today!! I LOVE them!!! What awesome quality all of the products are! I was worried that they would be like the ziploc or glad containers you buy at the store but they're WONDERFUL! So very pleased with them and can’t wait to start using them all the time! :)”

—Sara K.

“I got lazy the other day and sent my husband his lunch in some of our old Walmart containers.... I heard about it that night! He complained that I don't send the same variety when I'm not using your bento containers.... and the other containers don't hold as much food. Imagine that... a grown man complaining about his lunch box! LOL!”

—Alina Joy Dubois, Blue Ridge, TX

“I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the easy lunchboxes containers! My son just started Kindergarten and at his age it's hard to find something he can open easily, but he has no problem with the easy lunchboxes!”

—Anne C.

“I have to write a comment on how much I love your Easy Lunchboxes! My son started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago and his lunchtime experience has been such a breeze with these containers. He doesn't have to worry about trying to open any annoying packages because I do it all for him and then seal it in your lunchboxes. Thanks for a great product!”

—Kelly M. - posted on our Facebook wall.

“I just got my lunchboxes! I am really happy with the quality. The plastic is nice and sturdy, the compartments are deep and roomy and the lids close well and seem easy for a child to open.”

—Carla T - posted on our Facebook wall.

“Wanted to touch base and let you know that me and my kiddos are LOVING the lunchboxes!! Packing lunches is a lot more fun now and I’m using so many fewer plastic baggies which was really bothering me (I hate wasting!) Plus, my kids and their classmates think they are ‘really cool’ Mom victory!!”

—Christine OKelley - posted on our Facebook wall.

“I LOVE easy lunchboxes. I was searching for a great way to pack my toddlers lunch for daycare.... everything was either to complicated or the bag tipped all the food over. When I saw your product, I knew it was the one. It is great for daycare and even for me and my hubby. It keeps everything nice and neat and super easy to clean and organize. I have to order more...”

—Karen C.

“Today was a perfect example on how handy these containers are. My son had his Preschool Field trip to the Zoo — and we were all to have a picnic together before exploring the zoo. So I packed separate lunches for him, hubby, and me. All 3 containers fit perfectly in the cooler bag — and that fit in my purse! Score! Once at the Zoo — we ate our lunches, and packed it right back up — without having to throw away a single thing! It was crazy to watch a couple hundred people all eating out of Ziploc baggies using about 4 for each kids lunch and throwing them away after- we must have filled an entire Drum Trash Can with Ziplocks and brown paper bags! I did my part today! :)”

—Cassandra A., Chandler, AZ

“I love your product. Excellent!!! We threw out our old lunch box last night :) No wonder you call yourselves Easy Lunch Boxes....They really make packing lunches VERY EASY."

—Ethel Eckstein, Greenwood, IN

“I bought 2 sets of the food storage containers. I have 3 kids w/ 3 different lunch box shapes and it fits in all. Making lunches is so much easier now, and there's no complaining from the kids about squished/crushed parts of lunch. And, of course I feel good about not using plastic bags in their lunch anymore. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!”

—Meg F.

“I just got my set, and I love just reaching into my daughter's dish cupboard and finding them there. Even if my husband (who does the dishes) just jams them in, they all fit stacked up, even with the lids on between them! Although if *I* were in charge of doing the dishes, I'd need a 2nd set, since I'm not as good about doing them regularly! I have a different resuable set, with littler boxes with individual lids, and its a real PITA to find the right lid or container size, even though I only have 4 of them!”

—Kendra Peters, AL

“I use these containers already in Ziploc’s version, and they're falling apart and warping. I'm SO EXCITED to finally find one that's more sturdy and a bag to put it in so it doesn't tip sideways like mine do now in my current lunch bag. I’m also going to refer it to our pre-k as a fundraiser (as suggested on your website) since we all have to pack their lunches every day at our school... what a great idea!!”

—Angie M.

“...Spectacular customer service. I have 5 kids and will be making more purchases.”

—Amy D., Mason, OH

“I have not used my myriad of tiny Tupperware containers that my kids could not open anyway since I received this set. Hallelujah.”

—Sumana M., Lake Elsinore, CA

“Before I found your boxes, I used to buy a couple lunchables at the beginning of the school year. I washed the containers, refilled them with whole wheat crackers, REAL cheese, and dried fruit, and tried to tape plastic wrap on the top. And then had to remind the kids not to throw them away, so we could reuse them. We called them Momables. But they always got smashed in the backpacks, and I’m sure the plastic was full of chemicals. Your containers are MUCH sturdier, safer and nicer looking. I am so glad we found them!”


“We got ours two or three months ago... I am very excited to use it for school b/c it is roomy enough to add a thermos. My kids often take dinner leftovers or soups and they like them heated. The Laptop Lunch boxes didn’t offer the ‘warm’ food option. In the Easy Lunch Box, I can use the 3-section container for the typical lunch box fare and then... there is room enough for a Thermos, water bottle, and ice pack (a waste free lunch). I’m lovin’ it! Oh, and it's more affordable than the Laptop lunch box system.”

—Kristin Davis

“A few years ago, I purchased a lunchbox set from another place. It's a good idea, but it was way too small and limited. This one is PERFECT - the size allows for me to add a thermos, a drink, extra food, and the little trays with just one lid save a bunch of time....The one from the other company is terribly pricey. I was so pleased to see how affordable your system is. Oh and the BEST thing about your site is the fabu recipes and lunch ideas! This is the best, best, best lunch site I have ever seen, and I look for them constantly since I carry my lunch around every day! Thank you soooooo much!”

—Christina K

“What attracted me first to these lunchboxes was their simple style. Last year, shopping for my high school freshman (boy) was a nightmare. Every lunchbox we looked at was too big, too girlie, too small, or the wrong color. I ended up buying one online (with his approval) for a premium price. It wasn't the price so much that I minded (I was thankful to have one at that point!) but the whole ‘shopping’ process! I wanted it to be functional and he wanted it to look a certain way. I showed my son the Easy Lunch boxes and he said he would MUCH rather carry one of those to school. SOLD!!”

—Jana B., Greenwell Springs, LA

“I received the lunch coolers today and I am surprised at how much better the containers fit! You should strongly recommend that people buy these coolers with the containers. The coolers I already had on hand were too small and my kids were struggling to put the containers in them. I wished I had purchased your coolers to begin with!”

—Tara Coyne, Klamath Falls, OR

“My son takes his lunch to school everyday so I greatly appreciate how the Easy Lunchbox has helped me to save time, money and become ‘greener.’ My son loves the color of the dark red cooler bag (red is his favorite color). He has no problems opening the bag or the food containers. He loves helping me prepare his lunch by putting his favorite foods into the container and packing everything into the cooler bag. My son likes that there are no separate containers or baggies to open or toss in the trash, which saves him time during lunch. My son was even so sweet to offer his bag and a container to my husband so that he could try it out. My husband thinks it is great and loves that his extra drink was still cold at the end of his work day. I think I am going to have to purchase another bag so both my son and husband can have one!”

—Danetta Young, Rosharon, TX

“Wow, so glad I found your website. I could have used these last week. A friend called and wanted to meet for a last minute picnic at our local park. I ended up taking a bunch of different containers & plastic bags. It would have been so nice to have everything in one container!! Can’t wait to get my order. Part of the order is for my daughter and her kids. She's been searching for something like this!”

—Grace Thackeray, Lewisville, TX

“Thanks Easy Lunch boxes! I work as an 11-7 nurse and always have to bring my lunch. It is a pain to find containers that fit my bag so I ended up not bringing enough because I don’t have the room. This is so convenient and now I don’t have to scramble to find the right containers for everything. I just ordered another set and bag for my husband. Now he can stop wasting money buying lunch every day!”

—Lydia Marks Cohoes, NY

“Received my Easy Lunchboxes today and of course couldn’t wait to try them out!! I loved them!! I love that they feel so solid and sturdy!! They feel like they will last a long time!! And they are really roomy…I got a whole lunch in each box!...Just wanted to say they were worth the wait!! A very happy customer.”

—Vicki Moore

“...Usually I’m packing 5-6 different containers into his lunch to keep everything separate. But now the containers have been cut down to 1/2 as many....and I love that the cooler bag will hold two of the food containers quite easily with a little room left over.”

—Audrey F. Manitoba, Canada

“It’s amazing how my daughter could come home with the carrots that I put in a baggie un-eaten but when I put them in your containers she eats them every time!”

Kathy K.

“ son started kinder a few days ago and we are loving the lunch boxes! They make everything so easy. Typically he can't get all the lids back on ALL the tupperware and I always have such a mess to clean when he gets home. I’ve had a clean lunch bag every time I’ve used your lunch boxes. I even put yogurt in one of the compartments with no leaks. Yipee! :-)”

—Cara R., Houston TX

“The EasyLunchBoxes and cooler bag are versatile, and some nights, my kids even ask, if we can have an EasyLunchBox night at the dinner table.”

—JC, Hollywood, FL

“I absolutely love the containers, they make life so much easier, let me tell you. When the oldest came home from school, I asked her about her new lunchbox, she told me it was great, she said it was really easy to open the container and all of her food stayed separate. That’s a really good thing, because the oldest doesn't like her food touching! I am hugely impressed with the lunch Bags and containers and am considering buying hubby one in the future for his lunches, they would be perfect for him as well.”

—Eloise Carlson

“EasySNACKboxes!! We brought 3 of the containers to today's Washington Nationals game, filled with kid snacks (OK, some weren't so natural and healthy... but some were!), and it was great! We were with a big group of Wisconsin alumni and everyone was commenting as Leo and Grady snacked away, ‘lunchboxes’ on their laps. Woo hoo! Go ELB!!”

—Jeremy Kugel, President of

“Some friends and I are going on a road trip for Spring Break, and since we are broke college students who like to eat healthy, buying food along the way is not very feasible. I realized that EasyLunchboxes are the perfect solution! We can each pack a container with food and snacks for the road and put them in the cooler bags. Since the tops are all different colors, it will be easy to know which container belongs to each person. I imagine there are many other scenarios like this one in which EasyLunchboxes could be a very convenient solution. Thanks for such a great product!”

—Ashley W. Northampton, MA

“I just want to tell you that your lunchbox system is a huge hit at my husband's work. He's a pool cleaner so he needs to have his lunch fresh and close to eat on the road. All his fellow employees want one. I've sent them to the website and hopefully they've ordered them.”

—Kati Corbett, Dunedin, FL

“Thank you EasyLunchboxes! I love mine! It's AWESOME to take to work for lunch!! I recently have started bringing my lunch to work and I am working on portion control & balance. I put a protein and whole grain in the largest compartment and fill the other two with vegetables or fruits. Saving $$ is an added bonus to saving calories over a fast food lunch! Having this terrific lunchbox definitely makes me feel better when my coworkers order lunch from the restaurants downstairs.”

—Elly Blau, New York, NY

"When my husband goes off to work, I send him off with a lunch. Unfortunately, I was using multiple ziplock bags for his food that were just thrown away after he finished. I tried to use other containers, but his lunch bag always ended up being a huge, awkward bag of containers, and he hated it. We're so glad I stumbled across EasyLunchBoxes! I instantly fell in love. You've created the perfect solution to packing lunches! Thank you!! Your system is saving us time and money, and I can organize everything so much easier now."

—Robin Raskiewicz, Massapequa, NY

“..I received one as a gift and it is the greatest tool to get my children to eat their lunch! I love, love, love it.”

—Ariste W., North Hollywood, CA

“I used to come home for lunch. This system gives me such a convenient way to ‘bring’ home with me to my new job. I love using up leftovers for lunch because it means not having to make something extra! Unfortunately, it also makes it easy for my co-workers to check up on what I ate for dinner the night before LOL. But we’re all trying to lose weight, so that helps keep me in check and away from the snack machine!”

—Terra H., Redondo Beach, CA

“I am hooked! I have already packed and stacked my meals and they are ready for me. I am so glad to say goodbye to tin foil, baggies and plastic wrap! These totally saved me, in more ways than one! Being able to ‘grab n go’ is a HUGE deal when you are as busy as I am, every moment that I am able to save is a plus! I am house sitting this week and used them to have my dinners ready to grab in the fridge and I LOVE IT! So easy and the perfect portions!”

—Heather H., Athens, GA

“What a perfect way for me to go green!!! With 4 kids packing lunches, do you know how many Ziploc bags and tin foil I was wasting?! Now I'm saving the earth, while my kids go to school in style! Not to mention, no more smooshed sandwiches!! And did I mention the convenience of putting the food all in one spot. No more rearranging all of the foods so they fit in the lunch box. Thanks:)”

—April R.

“The Easy LunchBoxes system has actually become my Husbands favorite of all the lunchboxes we have. He packs a lunch everyday for work and he said that this system was the easiest to use plus he can fit his lunch container and ice pack and his drink in the bag easily.”

—Debra L., Mission Viejo, CA

“We love our Easylunchboxes. I’ve got 4 of them and a soft sided cooler that they fit perfectly in. You can stack two in the cooler with an ice pack. Or just one with a thermos and/or drink and an ice pack. I like that the lids are easy enough for my 3 year old to get off and on by herself (unlike some of the other plastic ware I've used).”

—Leslie H., Montana

“Our pre-school teachers have commented on how easy it is for the kids to eat their own lunch without spills. Unlike the tiny Tupperware containers this is a stable place for food. It does not tip over. The compartments are big enough for a spoon to easily get the yogurt out.  My little one’s little hands do not have to try to hold a container and a spoon to eat and inevitably have something tip over. I love this feature. It helps them to be more independent.”

—Brittany V., Charlotte, NC

“My husband works on a farm. His parents own about 125 acres and have 100 head of cattle. He maintains the farm and does all the farm work as a job. He called me Thursday & said ‘hey honey, this lunch bag you have sent with me this week is amazing. I have literally had it on the back of the four-wheeler all day while I am working and now I am eating lunch (at 2:30pm) and my food is STILL cold. My other bags would never even be remotely cold. I really like this little thing a lot.’ For him to still be excited about it says a lot. I put a cold pack in it on top of the container to help his food stay cold but he said usually the cold pack melts by the time he eats his food so his food isn't usually cold anymore and the ice pack is warm. We love your products.”

—G. Johns, Decatur, AL

“I don’t know if anybody else has given you this feedback: fashion! I gave a lunchbox to a friend and she's in love with it. My friend has to look professional and inspire trust etc (she's an attorney). She wears expensive dark suits. A brighlty colored lunch pail completely ruins the effect! Now it just blends in with her briefcase (it's black). So she can arrive and depart her office with a dignity that her previous Dodger lunch box undermined.”

—Patricia Z., Los Angeles, CA

“I love that my little guy can open and close the containers with no problem. He was having so many problems trying to get into some of the other types of containers I had - but I can rest easy that he won't go hungry trying to get to his lunch!”

—Kimberly B. Port, Rowan, ON Canada

“The Easy Lunchbox System has made my life so much easier!!! I have 2 high school age kids in sports that have practices every day after school. It's a long time between lunch and dinner for those 2 kids so I like to pack a healthy mini-meal for them to have between the time school ends and before practice. This lunchbox system makes it so easy because I can put a sandwich, and a couple of healthy snacks all in one container! I no longer have to keep a big supply of sandwich bags and tiny containers that always come up missing! The containers fit nicely into the lunchbox cooler and there's plenty of room for a drink or extras. The cooler kept the food cool and fresh all day too. We packed the containers the night before, stuck them in the fridge and then packed them in the cooler the next morning. They were in the cooler from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm and the food was cool and fresh.”

—Carie Shane

“The lunchbox is so cute, my daughter asked if she could start school today and the containers are made with such high quality plastic. I thought it would feel like ‘Gladware’ but i was soooo wrong, these are so sturdy.”

—Erica K., ON Canada

“A few days ago, we took our dogs walking in a local park. I packed my daughter a sandwich (on large, multi-grain bread, which still fit in the compartment perfectly!) and I used the small compartments for baby carrots and applesauce. She ended up eating in the car, and the container made it much easier; it was the perfect size for her lap! I love that I can pack different foods like fruit and pasta salad and I don't have to worry about bringing several bulky plastic containers. I just throw everything into their own little compartments, snap on the lid, and toss into the cooler bag.”

—Christina P., Hope, RI

“I so admire women like yourself that can take a common everyday problem and come up with an ingenious solution and then act on it. I am one of those moms that is constantly searching through mismatched containers, ending up with a container and no lid or a lid and no container etc. Your system just makes perfect sense - one of those ‘why didn't I think of that’ ideas!”

—Kimberly B., Ontario, Canada

“We are loving this great lunchbox set, and my son begs to take it to school everyday! I told my friend about them and she was super excited, she ordered a set, received them and loves them, & said she is going to order more. :) Happy I can send happy customers your way!”

—JaKell Meckley, Richfield, UT

“I must say the Easy Lunch Box system made preparing meals for my husband’s lunch and my mommy and me day play date trips a breeze! I often make a whole weeks worth of lunches for my husband on one day as this saves me so much time! I would most definitely look into getting another set soon for my daughter! I also plan on taking this along with us when we hit the beach this summer!”

—Erin L., West Linn, OR

“Different colored lids is a great idea! If you have someone in your home with a food allergy, you can dedicate one lid to that person...and label it as such-so if my sister takes the kids for a picnic, she'll know that the orange lid is for her kid and will be 100% safe for her, and that the green is my little guy's, and he can eat anything in that without concern. (Even if not allergy- I have to cut foods smaller for my 2.5 year old than my 4.5 year old).”

—Brett Martin, Bolton, CT

“I absolutely LOVE these sets!!!! They are fantastic, especially for keeping foods from leaking onto each other. Also, my daughter, who has a short lunch period, finds it easier and faster to eat lunch because she only has to open one large container instead of several little ones.”

—Jennifer D., Owens Cross Roads, AL

“We just love these! I pack my husband’s lunch every day and I used to go through so many baggies… This is so much better.”

—Bonnie D. Rapid City, SD

“The lunch boxes arrived on Wednesday in time for me to give them out ... everyone loved them at first sight. I had already given sets to several friends, and their reaction has been very positive!”

—Merle Freeman, Marina del Rey, CA

“We just got home from a road trip to my in-law’s and I found a new great use for your product! They worked WONDERS on the road! We packed the kids each a lunch and for the first time ever, we made the trip without stopping (3 hours with 4 kids without any stops is miraculous for us!) but best of all, nothing got spilled! :-) Usually we have to stop and feed them at least snacks on the way but this way we were able to pack a healthy meal that they could eat and we never had to leave the car!”

—Sarah Lewis

“... definitely a product I will use pretty much daily! Your plastic containers are fantastic. It is so hard to find durable, high quality products anymore!!”

—Kim Rosenblum, Grove City, OH

“I love your lunch boxes. Not even kidding you. I am pissed right now because they are all in dishwasher and I need one. I use them for everything!! I need to order more. I am serious. My friend gave them to me as a gift and I admit that I didn't see it at first...they didn’t seem much different than anything I had used in the past. But they totally are!! They make it SO fast to grab and go. Last week, kids and hubby were waiting in the car and I forgot to make my son's lunch before pre-school (he usually comes home for lunch so I'm not in the lunch prep habit). So while they were waiting in the driveway (with the car running!) I ran in the house to grab something, saw your lunch containers sitting on the counter. Put pita chips in the big section, Hummus and quickly sliced up cucumber for the smaller sections. Grabbed a juice box, and was back in the car in less than 2 minutes. Was so excited that I saw the potential, that I packed TWO lunch coolers for Disneyland...with 4 containers total. Filled them with snacks, fruit, cut up veggies and dip, raisens, nuts...cheerios....we were snacking all day. SO awesome.”

—Ally Loprete,
Founder & CEO of

“I am in love with my lunchbox system and actually plan on ordering several more sets of the containers this weekend and maybe another bag so hubby stops taking mine.”

—Steph D., San Diego, CA

“I am so tired of coming across products for kids/parents that are priced so unreasonably just because they are the ‘new’ thing, labeled ‘green"’or whatever, that I'm beyond thrilled when I find something that's so great AND affordable! EasyLunchboxes lives up to it's promises and more.”

—Jennifer Coligado

“I absolutely LOVE the idea of bento boxes, but gosh, kind of expensive to buy, so Easy Lunch Boxes are a PERFECT alternative! Compartments for different foods, and I got the carrier too, that has room for an ice pack and a drink! How convenient and healthy for taking lunch to work as opposed to going out to eat, which is killing my waistline!!!!”

—Cindy Ramos, Virginia City, NV

“I have to tell you I am so in love with your lunchbag system. It is truly amazing and easy to use! I LOVE it. Everyone should have one. I only wish I had found Easy Lunch boxes sooner!”

—Tiffany W., Birmingham, AL

“I can't believe how much time I save now using the EasyLunchbox System!”

 —Samantha Norton, Mom of 2

“Your website is first rate, and the product fantastic. At our school we have a ‘no waste’ policy at lunch, which means no disposable containers, no paper napkins or throw away utensils, etc. (well, you can use them, but you have to take it all home. There are containers for compost, but not trash or recycling in the lunch room.) So I'm thrilled to give your containers a try!”

—Juliet Drotar, Tampa, FL

“Over the summer, I started having Muffin Tin Monday lunches for my daughter. She loved them and they were so much fun to create. (Each area of a muffin tin is filled with a different food. Often it’s centered around a theme of a book.) Well since she started kindergarten this year, I've had a hard time figuring out how to recreate our fun Monday lunches without a lot of waste or containers. These containers from are the perfect answer! And she loves her new purple bag too!”

—Karen Vincent, Johnson City, TN

“...I always brought the low fat or low calorie microwavable tv dinners everyday, however since I started packing my own lunch with EasyLunchBoxes I have actually lost weight. I’m not sure how or why, but it’s probably because I am eating way less salt (and we all know that salt retains water). And if you take a look at my lunch, it now includes things like strawberries and yogurt - both things I would have never brought before.”

—Lynette, Nova Scotia, CANADA

“I have been using the Easylunchboxes for a couple of months now and both my kids and I love them. My kids actually have fun packing their lunchboxes, trying to vary what is in each compartment each day. I use them too. I take them out and put leftovers in them for my husband and I to have for lunch the next day. a GREAT new product!”

—Romy S., Canoga Park CA

“The kids were so excited they made their own lunch last night and absolutely would not let me change a thing. That part was a bit of a problem because they had some wacky stuff in there! I'm sure Daniella helped Scottie with his because he had a small compartment filled with pickled ginger which I didn't think went very well with his pesto paste and pistachios! As I said, I didn't change a thing! They are really a fantastic idea and design love it, love it, love it!”

—Georgina Grady, Oxford, AL

“Genius! How come no one thought of this sooner?”

—Lydia Borjas, Reseda, CA





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