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EasyLunchboxes Packing Tips

All your EasyLunchboxes packing questions, answered!

 100s of packed lunch ideas for school or work

An ever-growing, insane amount of lunch pics for your viewing pleasure.  Get ready to be overwhelmed.

► How long will my EasyLunchboxes last?

So just how durable are they?

► How to care for EasyLunchboxes food containers

They’ll last a long time with a little TLC

► EasyLunchboxes are NOT just for kids

Pack lunches for a man, a hungry teen, or someone on a diet? EasyLunchboxes make it easy.

► How to keep hot food hot and cold food cold when packing lunch

A Facebook conversation between lunch-packers will answer your questions.

► Pack Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks in Just one Lunch Box

EasyLunchboxes are perfect for super busy days. Look how much you can pack with them!

► EasyLunchbox Containers Can be Leak Free!

EasyLunchbox container were designed to be kid-friendly, not leakproof,  But here’s a little trick you can try.

► Bento Bloggers Dish About EasyLunchboxes

These are lunch-packing experts who chat about pretty much every detail about my containers.

► How to Keep Bento and Cute Lunches Neat until Lunchtime

Bento bloggers share their tips for keeping cute lunches cute even after you close the lid.

► What to do with Leftover Bento Scraps

Great ideas for all the leftover food scraps created by cutting shapes from cheese, meats, veggies, bread…

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