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Got Instagram? Snap a pic of lunches made in EasyLunchboxes. Capture a picnic with ‘em, or your lunch at work, or you or your child eating out of ‘em… whatever or however you’re using, storing, stacking, and enjoying my containers and cooler bags, we all wanna see ‘em!

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Instagram your EasyLunchboxes with #easylunchboxes

Pics tagged with Tag your pic with #easylunchboxes (in the caption field on Instagram). You can also add #bento, #your user name or #anything else to your caption. Don't forget to add your website url to your profile so viewers can see more of your stuff :) #easylunchboxes will show up in the gramfeed gallery!

Instagram gallery for EasyLunchboxes via gramfeed

Neat tip:

If you’re on your iPhone, iPad, etc.  - you can upload pics (to Instagram) from your camera roll already saved, OR you can go to Pinterest and “save to camera roll” any pics you have on there, as one of the options from the app. Then upload it from there to Instagram. Don’t forget to add #easylunchboxes in the caption field.

gramfeed is a web interface for Instagram Mobile Photo sharing service. You can view popular Instagram photos, view your Instagram photo feed, view your follower’s photo feed, visualize photos on google maps, post comments, like photos, search photos by tags or location, search users, follow new users and more.

EasyLunchboxes would like to thank the creators of this awesome web interface!

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