Save Money at Theme Parks by Bringing Your own Food

Save money at amusement parks. Pack your own lunches in EasyLunchboxes

If you’re reading this blog, you may already have a stash of my EasyLunchbox containers and coolers, or maybe you’re thinking about getting some. Thanks!

Yes, they’re great for everyday lunch packing, but what about stretching those food dollars even further? You can plan ahead and use your EasyLunchboxes to bring your family’s meals with you to the zoo or theme park.

Why? Because (and let me know if I can get a better deal somewhere) the price of one adult Disneyland ticket is now $80. Ouch.

Add in a kid or three ($74 each), maybe a spouse, friend, or mother-in-law, and just walking in the gate has cost you a few hundred dollars. More ouch.

Food costs average around $10 – 20 per person, per meal at theme parks. Ok, enough with the ouch already!!

Well, sorry to be such a Negative Nelly, but can’t we have a good time without spending quite so much?

Well, sure!

Actually, have you watched Extreme Couponing? Saving money is a super serious high for these people. But I think it’s time for another money-saving show… Some photos that were recently posted on my pal Astrid’s blog, Lunches Fit For a Kid,  inspired me to write this post and share her strategies with you.

I think Astrid’s a shoe-in for the the next reality show:

Extreme Lunch Packing!

EasyLunchboxes for all

Now, THIS is how to save money at the theme park!!!

EasyLunchboxes for all 2

Last year, Astrid posted another great tower of lunches she made in preparation for a big outing with her brother and their collective 5 kids:

EasyLunchboxes for all 3

According to Orlando’s Attractions Magazine:

“…you can now bring in entire bags or even coolers, full of food. They don’t advertise that you can bring food in, but they no longer forbid it by policy, and they don’t stop you during the bag check (indeed, the security officers probably won’t even comment).”

So, before heading out and dropping maybe another hundred dollars or so on food for your family at a theme park, consider packing your food at home and bringing it along. Then (maybe) you won’t feel so guilty about buying that special souvenir.