Fun and Festive Holiday Bento Lunches {VIDEO}

December 21, 2013

Pack up the holiday season in your lunch box! Reindeer, snowmen, dreidels, snowflakes and Santa Claus for school or work lunches. Fun and Yummy.

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Inside the Magic of

December 4, 2013

A behind the scenes look into the Amazon fulfillment center in San Bernardino, CA where I spoke with news reporters on Cyber Monday.

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Man Up Your Lunch – Packed Lunch Box Ideas for Men

November 24, 2013

Inspiration and links to packed meal ideas that are man-sized, husband-tested, guy-friendly, and great for work. Lunchboxes are not just for kids!

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How to make personalized, customized Bar and Bat Mitzvah party table centerpieces

November 11, 2013

Turn photos of the guest of honor into fabulous, one of a kind table decorations! Great for any kind of party or celebration. Tutorial, pics, ideas.

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All about packing lunch boxes for teen boys and girls

November 8, 2013

Got teens? Will they take a lunch box to school? Recipes and inspiration for hearty packed meals for teenagers. Keep them well fed AND looking cool.

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Kelly Lester teams up with Roman Meal bread for satellite media tour

November 2, 2013

The mom of 3 who created shares healthy ways to use whole grains in holiday recipes. Three delicious dishes using Roman Meal bread

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How a family of 9 packs lunches assembly style with EasyLunchboxes containers

October 31, 2013

Packing school and work lunches for a family of 9 every day isn’t easy. But at least they’ve got a system in place to get the job done, fast.

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5 Fun Fruit Snacks for Classroom Parties

October 28, 2013

Faced with a child allergic to strawberries and a resistance to try other fruits, this mom got creative and found ways to make other fruits appealing.

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BOOtiful Halloween bento lunches packed in EasyLunchboxes

October 21, 2013

Hungry for Halloween lunch ideas? Pack it spooky in compartmentalized containers by EasyLunchboxes. BPA-Free, colorful, kid-friendly lids. Reusable.

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Home cooked meals and encouraging words bring comfort in times of need

October 8, 2013

In times of struggle, food is something many people turn to for comfort. But what if they’re unable to pay for the food? Or they lack the strength to shop for it, let alone, cook it? We all know people who are dealing with things that make it nearly impossible to feed themselves properly or […]

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