Introducing our Bento Friend Across the Pond

Without the support and encouragement of the incredibly active and passionate bento blogging community, I can honestly say that my EasyLunchboxes would not be quite as popular as they’ve become. It’s definitely thanks to all the amazing lunch pics these gals (and now ONE GUY – keep reading!!) post on a daily basis, that more and more lunch-packers are using my containers, learning about, and enjoying all the creativity that is bento 🙂

So, with all this enthusiasm for bento flying around, why are there NO English language bento magazines???

Here’s where our new friend Keith comes in!


Hello everyone, my name is Keith. 

I grew up as a Brit with a huge obsession for Japanese culture. I loved everything from anime to geisha culture and most recently Bento.


I started writing my bento blog Oh!Bento in August of 2012. A few months after starting my blog I was introduced to a group of wonderful women, the BBF (Bento Bloggers and Friends), a group of bento enthusiasts.

As a male, I was worried I would ruin the group dynamic but I have never felt more at home. These women, including Kelly Lester, have given me strength to carry on when I have felt like giving up.

One of the greatest gifts they have given me is the confidence to try to achieve one of my dreams. I want to create the first English language bento tutorial magazine that can be influenced by the readers and thanks to these wonderful people I have taken the steps to try to reach this dream.

One of the steps I have taken is to create a Kickstarter page. I hope you can take the time to check out the page and let me know what you think.

Best regards, Keith.

Pack it up in UK style!

All the bento blogging gals are happy to have Keith in our ever-expanding circle of lunch-packing enthusiasts 🙂 In fact, Cristi of Bent on Better Lunches was so inspired by our bento boy, she went and created a whole UK-themed lunch and packed it up in grand style!
Click the pic below to read all about it.