More than 12 million hungry kids in America?

We talk a lot about packing lunches around here.

But what if you can’t afford to pack a lunch? What if you can barely afford to feed your child one meal a day, let alone 3? Plus snacks? What if your child’s only meal of the day is the one he or she gets at school?

Bettina Elias Siegel, who pens The Lunch Tray, a widely read, daily blog covering anything related to “kids and food, in school and out” is on a mission to help the over 12 million kids in America who are food-insecure, as well as hungry children around the world.

Last night I stumbled upon one of her posts that moved me to tears. That’s why I’m sharing it here with you.

“None of my kids will ever go hungry while in my care!”

Bettina shared the comments of a teacher named Brian. Responding to her post about the controversy over the new school food calorie limits, Brian told of his daily worry and anguish, as he tries to comfort and feed a classroom of hungry six year olds.

“…I’m pained every day watching my hungry kids stay hungry after eating lunch and nearly every day I have to comfort sad children who don’t understand why they can’t eat what they want when they are presented with a long line of choices.

These are children who may not eat an evening meal at home and may not get more than one meal a day on weekends, if that. Some parents are unable (for various reasons) to get their children to school on time for the free breakfast, which is also severely limited in choice, so these children face true hunger every day.

…Just this week I have had four of my 6-year olds in tears over lunch on more than one occasion. Two were crying inconsolably because they were not allowed to get a juice and 2 fruits and they were very hungry. They eventually confessed that they hadn’t eaten anything since lunch the day before.”

To read Brian’s tragically eye-opening, full account of what the food situation is for these children, click HERE.

Bettina writes:

“Brian’s sobering story makes clear that millions of American children live in food insecure homes, school meals are often their only dependable source of food, yet for a variety of reasons (parental neglect, stigma, etc.) they may not be getting all the food that’s being made available to them at school. It’s a tragic situation.

This seems like a good time to remind my readers that at the top of every Lunch Tray page is a tab which reads, “Help Hungry Kids.” You’ll find there a list of charities I particularly like which are devoted to ameliorating hunger, here at home and worldwide.”

God bless Brian and all the other teachers and school employees who make it their business to help these hungry children.

It’s our business too. Please help The Lunch Tray help hungry kids.

photo credit: apdk via photopin cc