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Let's Pack Lunch Community

We now have our own lunch packing community!

   No matter what brand of containers, bags, coolers,
or lunch boxes you use, we welcome you.

Ask questions, share recipes, pics, tips, product info, advice etc. We talk about ALL of it!
Packing meals-to-go can be fun, quick, and healthy… if you have the right tools and tips.
We’re here to help. AND, it’s FREE to join!

ask, learn, and share in our lunch packing community

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I’ve been wanting to start a group like this for a long time. And now, thanks to the brand new “Communities” feature on Google Plus, it’s here! You just need a google account to get started.

Once you join, all posts are searchable from within the community, so if you’re ever looking for something (unlike posts that get buried and lost on Facebook) you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for!

Whether you pack lunches in products made by Laptop Lunches, Yubo, GoodbynGo Green, ReUsiesEco Lunch Box, LunchBots, To-Go Ware, PlanetBox, lunchskins, Kids Konserve, Fit & Fresh, Lunchsense, go fresh, Wrap-N-Mat, my EasyLunchboxes or other, here’s where we can all join together to encourage and promote healthy meal packing and a sustainable lifestyle.

So come introduce yourself and let’s talk about packing lunches!! Can’t wait to meet you :)

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