EasyLunchboxes are the #1 Best Selling Home and Garden Item on Amazon

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EasyLunchbox containers are the Best Selling Home and Garden Item on Amazon

Ok, so it may be back down to # 3 or #4 by tomorrow…

BUT,  as of right now, at 6:28pm on this gloriously hot summer evening in Southern California, I checked the popularity meter of my lunch containers on Amazon, and there they were, IN THE #1 SPOT in ALL of Home and Garden!!! 

Since late May they’ve been in the #1 spot for Lunch Boxes, but THIS??? Beating out (many) vacuums, blenders, flea collars, and pool filter cartridges to occupy this top spot? Too, too amazing!! But all of it is thanks to my fans and supporters who keep spreading the word. How grateful am I for your purchases and glowing reviews?

Now what do I do??

No one’s home right now. My husband is at a rehearsal for a play he’s about to open in, my oldest is across country about to start her second year of college, and my two younger girls are at a party celebrating the closing of their summer theatre program.

It’s just me and my dog Albany here.

I guess I’ll put some food in her bowl, pull out a bottle of my go-to Two Buck Chuck Cabernet and celebrate quietly. (Woo-Hoo!)

Albany and EasyLunchbox containers


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