Easy Centerpiece Wraps up Holiday Leftovers in Style

How to make a 3-in-1-thanksgiving-centerpiece

Holiday centerpieces are the crowning accent of a beautifully decorated table, but they don’t have to be expensive or complicated! How about one that not only looks great, but also takes care of the leftover food? Wow!! Is this something out of a science fiction movie?! No worries, it’s actually doable without going into another dimension….

My good friend Jonathan Fong of Style With A Smile. TV shows how to make an easy 3-in-1 centerpiece that will delight guests and make taking food home simple! Jonathan’s signature style is “dramatic, inexpensive, and yes-you-can”, so his quick-to-assemble centerpiece is the appealing answer to that Pot Luck etiquette question, “What do we do with all the leftovers?”

Using my EasyLunchboxes containers, the charming and delightful Jonathan has created a fabulous centerpiece that can not only be used for table decor, but also offers a convenient way to package up leftovers for guests to take home as the table is being cleared!


Use your EasyLunchboxes containers this Thursday to send meals home with your guests, or order some today so you’ll have plenty on hand for the holiday dinners you’ll be attending or hosting next month.

Be sure to watch Jonathan’s other videos at Style With a Smile .TV. And you’ll want to check out his super popular Guest Towel Cupcakes for a charming and oh-so-useable holiday gift!

Thanks so much for this wonderful 3-in-1 centerpiece Jonathan! Next, can you come up with one that also does the dishes?