Cheap and Effective Babyproofing for Chairs and Table Edges

My brother Howard is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl named Danica. She’s walking now, but it wasn’t long ago that she was just learning to sit up. She wasn’t always able to hold herself up, and sometimes fell over to the side, or worse, backwards, into chair legs. Now, as a new walker, Danica still falls often, and the edge of her parents’ coffee table can be another hazard.

Creative Dad!

I was delighted to visit my brother and his wife Cherie recently to discover that Howard had taken babyproofing into his own creatively capable hands. Spending VERY little money at our local Home Depot, he brought home pipe wrap insulation. He cut it just right to cover chair legs and table edges. The stuff comes with peel-off plastic covering self-stick edges, so you can make it make it permanent or removable. Your choice. I was impressed with Howard’s ingenuity! And little Danica is bump free, thanks to the now baby-friendly furniture 🙂

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What are your cheap and effective babyproofing methods? Share them in a comment below.