Laura Fuentes interviews Kelly Lester on MOMables Radio

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Everything you ever needed to know about lunch packing

Everything you ever needed to know about lunch packing │ MOMables Radio

Laura Fuentes, creator of MOMables Healthy School Lunch Ideas, and author of the new best selling book, The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planet has recently launched her new podcast – MOMables RADIO!

I’m delighted to have been invited to chat with Laura for EPISODE #2 

MOMables Radio features Laura sharing what she knows best – ways to make real food happen in the midst of our chaotic life schedules. She talks about how to make real food portable, provides culinary solutions she finds helpful, explains kitchen shortcuts, and brings in experts to discuss how to feed our families better. Every podcast is filled with tips and takeaways. Whether you’re single and packing office lunches, or have a child in kindergarten or high school, you’ll find that you’re not alone in this real food journey. In our episode (#2), Laura and I talk all about finding the right containers to pack healthy lunches for school or work.  We talk about  finding the right solution for YOU – perhaps my EasyLunchboxes, or really, whatever product will make your life easier and simplify the process of making real food convenient.

Lunch packing for all ages

And it’s not just about containers. What about the food? We cover toddlers, picky eaters, teens, and work lunches for the men in our lives. That’s right – lunch boxes are not just for kids. MOMables Radio Episode 2 Listen Now


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Love your lunch bag! Tricked out EasyLunchboxes by Jonathan Fong

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Love your lunch bag. 5 ways to trick out your @easyLunchboxes cooler bag

DIY DAZZLE - Decorate your Cooler Bag

Yep, my EasyLunchboxes cooler bags are simple, sleek, functional, and perfect for carrying your EasyLunchboxes food containers to work or school. But sometimes, a little glam or creativity goes a long way when you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

Jonathan Fong, my dear friend and go-to designer for all things spectacularly creative (you simply MUST check out his BLOG and VIDEOS) has just the ticket for cool looking cooler bags!

A regular eHow contributor, Jonathan shows you exactly how to trick out your cooler bags, step by step!

Instructions for decorating your @easyLunchboxes lunch cooler bag

Step by step tutorials for Jonathan’s designs ► HERE

And if you’re not the DIY type, no worries! Take the lunch bags to your local monogram shop like Crystal did! This mom of 7 wrote to me:

Hi Kelly!  We’re getting ready for Back to School and I thought you’d get a little chuckle out of our set up. This is our alternative to matching “Pottery Barn” backpacks and lunchboxes. Enjoy the photo!”  -Crystal and family

Monogrammed EasyLunchboxes cooler bags. Personalized for back to school

Click HERE to read how Crystal’s family of 9 uses EasyLunchboxes, assembly-line style to pack lunches. Click HERE for even MORE ideas for decorating your cooler bags.  Click HERE for my “Lunch Bag Flair” gallery of decorated cooler bags.

Kelly visits Jonathan in his studio:

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Back to School lunches pack a nutritious punch with Mini Babybel Cheese and CA Raisins [VIDEO]

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Satellite Media Tour – Kelly Lester, creator of, chats with morning newscasters about ways to make packing school lunches easier.

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Yes. My toddler can pack her own lunch.

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Letting kids help, whether it’s prepping, packing, or even just choosing ingredients, gives them a sense of ownership over the meal. So it tastes better.

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Who else uses their EasyLunchboxes lid as a plate??

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I’m all about things that can do double duty, so of course I had to show you how Roxanne (The Roxx Box) uses my EasyLunchboxes lid as a plate!

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Laura Fuentes and EasyLunchboxes on Food Network – REWRAPPED

July 9, 2014

Food Network episode of “Rewrapped” asks three chefs (including Laura Fuentes of MOMables) to recreate Wise Cheez Waffies. Joey Fatone hosts.

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Lunchbox Dad packs bento lunches for Good Morning America

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Super cool, inspirational dad Beau Coffron packs custom GMA-inspired lunches. Beau chose EasyLunchboxes containers for these bento creations.

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Holding it together till lunchtime – Transit Tips for bento lunches

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(Not Too) Sweet Lunchbox Treats

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“Snack Girl to the Rescue!” – new book by Lisa Cain

April 16, 2014

Makeover your health. From Snack Girl. No strict diets, rigorous exercise, or recipes that use artificial ingredients to mimic the real thing.

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