3 Healthy lunch box ideas for teens – [VIDEO] tutorial

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3 healthy lunch box ideas for teens - VIDEO tutorial

High school student Stephanie packs lunch!

Stephanie (aka @StunnerBabe15) is an 11th grade YouTube sensation. Super talented when it comes to all things video, she’s also keenly aware of her health and loves to pack nutritious lunches!

I LOVE this video she just posted, showing everyone what she packs in my EasyLunchboxes :)
She is too cute!

3 School Lunch Recipe Tutorials Included

  • Peanut Butter Apple Wraps*
  • Thai Curry Chicken Sandwich
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad

*If your school has gone nut-free or you have a nut allergy, please substitute the peanut butter with a nut-butter alternative

All recipes are under 650 calories.

“The meals are balanced. The desserts are little treats. Considering what most schools sell for dessert, these are healthy ALTERNATIVES. I know from being on a diet and losing 20 lbs that you CANNOT restrict yourself. That being said, all the treats I showed are less than a serving size. The chocolates were dark chocolate which actually has benefits and they were half a serving (100 calories). The little oreos were MINI and they were also less than a serving (150 calories). The mini brownies were also a serving size (150 calories). Lastly, the chips I showed in the 2nd meal were Special K and they were 1/3 of a serving (100 calories). That being said, I wanted to show you guys how to pack a healthy lunches by showing you healthier ALTERNATIVES to school lunches and what they offer at schools. Clearly, you can switch anything out if that’s what your heart desires. I wanted to show you guys a meal, a side, and a little treat. All of the sides are less than 100 calories, all the treats are under 150 calories, and all the meals were around 400 calories.” – Stephanie


Follow Stephanie on Twitter and of course, subscribe to her YouTube Channel.



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Not your typical Thanksgiving Leftovers post

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This is not a post about WHAT to do with Thanksgiving leftovers, but rather, how to SHARE your Thanksgiving leftovers. Specifically, how to transport all that stuffing, sweet potatoes, turkey, and more.

How to transport Thanksgiving leftovers

The ONE thing you MUST bring to Thanksgiving

Whether you’re the host or the guest, Thanksgiving leftovers and EasyLunchboxes go together!

Over on Healthy Kids Lunches, Jessica has shared 10 reasons why it’s an awesome idea (and her essential tip for guests this Thanksgiving), to bring your own EasyLunchboxes to take home all the yummy leftover food.

OH! And did I mention she’s also got a GIVEAWAY going on? You can enter to win my EasyLunchboxes on her blog :)

How to take Thanksgiving Leftovers home. @EasyLunchboxes

But wait! There’re even more Turkey Tips …

Head on over to Healthy Kids Lunches for whole series of terrific Thanksgiving posts, including how to use silicon muffin cups to make the Kids’ Table the one they WANT to sit at ;) Jessica will be posting even more Turkey Tips in the days leading up to T-day!

How to make your Kids' Thanksgiving Table super fun with silicon muffin cups

Gobble, Gobble!

I'm thankful for leftovers


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