Fight Back Against Fakes

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There are counterfeit EasyLunchboxes on Amazon, Ebay, and more

Don't be ripped off. Buy genuine EasyLunchboxes

Don’t accept FAKES

Due to the popularity of my EasyLunchboxes® bento lunch containers, specifically the “CLASSIC” Set, copy-catters and counterfeiters are trying to pass their wares off as genuine, trademarked EasyLunchboxes®.

Counterfeiting accounts for between 5-7% of world trade, worth an estimated $600 billion dollars a year. Unfortunately, my company, my family’s livelihood, and YOU are being affected by this crime.

The only way to surely receive genuine EasyLunchboxes® is to order directly from my website.

Amazon Seller Warning

If you choose to buy via Amazon, please note that the only QUALIFIED resellers of my products are:

  •  on (USA): Amazon (aka AMAZON LLC)
  • on (Canada): EasyLunchboxes or ETAILZ

Please do NOT buy EasyLunchboxes® from any seller other than those listed above. Rogue sellers are listing fake and look-alike copies. Unfortunately, Amazon has allowed them (MOONGO is the worst offender) to list their fake ELBs, stickered with my SKU#s (aka ASIN#) on the same listings as my genuine products. The FAKE ones are then being mixed in with real ones at the fulfillment centers and, once purchased, it’s a crap shoot as to which will be received. This practice confuses the customer and devalues my trademarked brand.

It pains me to have to share this sad fact of life with you, but I’m hoping that if I let you know that you may not be receiving genuine, branded EasyLunchboxes from Amazon, you will return the fakes to Amazon and complain. Loudly. Counterfeiting is a federal crime.

Complain and warn others NOT to buy from counterfeiters.

I hope you don’t mind that I’m asking for your help. I realize that getting something other than what you’ve paid for is maddening. Then you have to go through the steps to return it. That’s bad enough. But Amazon also needs to receive MANY, MANY complaints about this ongoing issue to take action. Fraudulent sellers need to receive 1 star ratings.  At the very least, these rogue sellers’ accounts should be shut down and their counterfeit wares destroyed.

YOU CAN HELP. Here’s how:
(CLICK image for larger view)

Complain and warn others NOT to buy from counterfeiters

EasyLunchboxes are not sold in stores

Other than my one qualified online reseller in Australia, I do NOT sell to anyone else. If you find EasyLunchboxes in a store, or for sale on Ebay or any other online marketplace besides Amazon, they are probably FAKES.


Here is what the GENUINE EasyLunchboxes (CLASSIC set) looks like. If you get something that looks even slightly different, you received counterfeit merchandise. (CLICK image for larger view).

Genuine EasyLunchboxes packaged set (CLASSIC colors)

The most obvious fakes don’t look anything like the above. Amazon seller “MOONGO” is selling something completely different (The Munch Box), stickered with the EasyLunchboxes SKU#.  (CLICK image for larger view).

The Munch Box is NOT EasyLunchboxes. Buyer Beware.

Check the lids

In addition to carefully checking the packaging, please note what the lids should look like on the genuine product. (CLICK image for larger view).:

EasyLunchboxes lids say Easy Lunch Boxes .com

(CLICK image for larger view):

FAKE EasyLunchboxes are called The Munch Box

A good copy may still be a FAKE

Even if the packaging and containers themselves DO say EasyLunchboxes, please compare what you receive to the GENUINE EasyLunchboxes® pictured above so you can be sure you got the real thing.

THANK YOU, as always, for your support and continued enthusiasm for my products.

Fight back against Fakes. Get the REAL EasyLunchboxes®



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Which Cooler Bags do EasyLunchboxes Food Containers fit into? [VIDEO]

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Which lunch bags fit EasyLunchboxes food containers?

My EasyLunchboxes food containers are designed to help you pack lunches FAST. And so are my cooler bags! Their streamlined, roomy design allows you to pack any number of items into your cooler. Everything fits, every time.

Insulated lunch bags for EasyLunchboxes containers

But what if you’re looking for a slimmer design, or something with a cartoon character, or longer strap? The question I get most often is, “what other cooler bags will work with your containers?”

You asked? We’ve got (LOTS OF) answers!

You can take your EasyLunchboxes container to the store with you , OR if you’re shopping online,  just be sure that the inside of the bag you have your eye on measures a bit larger than my container, which is: 9.38″ x 6.1″ x 2″.

TARGET offers lots of cooler bag choices. Becky, of Food for Harper takes you there. She shows how bags by Embark, Accessory Innovations, Marvel, Thermos, Circo, and more fit (or don’t fit) EasyLunchboxes containers. WATCH ►

Even MORE brands checked out! Shannon of Bunches O’ Lunches, puts bags by EasyLunchboxes, Pottery Barn Kids, Wildkin, Arctic Zone, and Embark to the test. WATCH ►

(If you’d like to watch Shannon’s video review of my lunch containers, click HERE.)

More related posts you can check out on this subject:

WILDKIN bags and how they work with EasyLunchboxes by What Lisa Cooks

Lunch Bag Comparison Chart by Wendolonia

And YEP! Even MORE info on my older post HERE

Or, just stick with the ORIGINAL:

washable lunch bags that fit EasyLunchboxes containers


VIDEOS featuring the lunch bags that fit EasyLunchboxes


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